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Life in Christ, the Sacraments and Graces  archive page 

Mother Teresa click here

Eucharist  click here 


 1    Blame The Devil: Sometimes It's Just Another Of God's 'Good' Tests

 2    Man Who Led Charge On 9/11 Plane: The Tom Burnett Story (2X)

 3    Brother Andre: Miracles At Oratory Dedicated To Saint Joseph In Montreal

 4    Self-Discipline Is Heart Of Spiritual Development And A Key To Spiritual Gifts

 5    There's Great Hidden Power In Kindness

 6    When Faced With 'The Evil Day,'  Stand Firm -- And Fight In God's Strength

 7    Thanksgiving, A New Daughter -- And Gratitude Opens The Door To Grace   

 8    When Faith Is Exercised Big Prayers Are Answered In A Very Big Way

 9    Pride And Rigidity Is A Wall Against The Holy Spirit

10    Memo To Wall Street: Try Following The Path Of This Billionaire

11    The Great Test In Life Is Patience -- And When We Fail We Are Tested Again

12    Forcing Things Causes Blocks While Letting Go Let's Life Unfold Before Us

13    The Strength Of God Comes Through Us When We Pray With Strength

14    Give The Gift Of Time To Others And Yourself

15    If You Want To Blessing Of God, Try Being A Blessing To Others

16    Tests Of Life: The More God Takes Away, The More We're Left With  

18    Lent Is The Time To Break Evil Bondage Through Confession

19    Magnify God And To Bring A Positive Force To Your Life             

20    Handled With Optimism, Even 'Trials Of Job' Turn Into A Period Of Grace   

21    If You Are Tempted To Battle, Sit Back And Let God Duke It Out   

22    There Is Nothing Like Feeling The Holy Spirit   

23    Examining Your Conscience (Fr. Altier)      

24    Winning With Eyes Of Faith   

25    God's Gives Us All Equal Gifts.  When Recognized We Soar To Happiness   

26    Nothing Brings Us Closer Than Engaging The Heart And Thanking Him   

27    There Is Power In What We Say & Darkness When The Tongues Is Misused   

28    Seeking God And Doing His Will Unlocks Protective Force   

29    When We Go With God's Flow, We Also Find The Lord's Greatest Favor    

30    The Holy Spirit Often Talks To Us Through The Intuition     

31    Magnify God In Praise And Thanks And He Will Magnify Everything About You

32    Personal Problems, Terrorism Or Hurricanes, Key Is To Cast Out Fear   

33    Incredible As It Sounds, Faith Is Rewarded By Miracles   

34    When Someone Aggravates You, Step To Victory   

35    Obsession With Time Focuses On What We Make Away From Timeless God   

36    If You Want Real Happiness Find The Hidden Power Of Kindness   

37    Being Negative Stops The Flow; Being Positive Taps  A 'Stream Of Miracles'  

38    When Something Is Unshakable God May Want You To 'Go Deeper'     

39    In Christ There's Power To Prevent The Little Things From Stealing Our Joy   

40    Forget Trying to Make It Perfect And Just Focus on Our Character   

41    Instead of Gulping Down, Life Pray, and Seize Each Living Moment   

42    Rock Bottom, That's When We Find A Foundation We Can Build On   

43    You'll Find Peace If  You Realize That You're Creating All the Tension      

44    When Spiritual Attacks Come Through Family, Remember to Disengage   
45    Have Enthusiasm About Your Special 'Station' In This Life   
46    Preserving Peace By Receiving All Things As Coming From God   

47    Things Fall Into Place: Pray To The Holy Spirit And Seek God's Blueprint   

48    Get Off The Treadmill Know That God Is Everywhere We Let Him   

49    Joy Comes From Sadness If We Preserve      

50    God Wants You To Live A 'Large Life' And Through Him   

51    Key To Holiness Is Working With God To Control Thoughts   
52    Give Up Rigidity In Our Lives, To Make Room For The Lord And His Miracles   

53    No Matter What Troubles You, Overcome It By Approaching It With Joy   

54    Confession: Clearing The Slate And Freeing The Soul From Spirits (2X)  

55    *Do What You Least Want And You Will Find A Place Of Grace   

56    God Sends Events To Bring Us  Closer   

57    A Cross  Is Correcting The Lies Of The World And The Faults Of Each Other   

58    From Priest To Bounty Hunter, All Have Role To Play For Christ 

59    God's yellow pages   

60    An Astonishing Lesson  Is That There Is No Reason To Remain Depressed  

61    Before you evangelize, listen 

62    There Are Times When God Clears Our 'Slate'

63    When There Is Anxiety Or Fear, Get Rid Of 'Self' And Replace It With Joy

64    Joy Is A Sign That We Are In Touch With The Good Lord

65    Watch The Weather As Long As We Monitor The 'Weather' Inside Of Us 

66    Start Your Morning With God And He Will Multiply The Time

67    When The Enemy 'Slings' His Arrows, Get Rid Of Them With Joy

68    Deciding What Your Life Should Be, Look For Joy In What You Love

 "He who eats my body and drinks my blood will have life in him and I will raise him up on the last day"

 1    Pray Before The Blessed Sacrament And Make Your Way To Radiant Eternity

 2    The More Enthusiastic We Are Toward The Lord The More He Sends His Grace

 3    The Formula For Salvation Is In Both  Eucharist And High Praises To Christ  

 4    Mass Brings Real Power Of Christ And Places Us Higher Than King's Throne

 5    In Times Turmoil, Tension, Or Trouble, Head For The Solace Of The Eucharist

 6    Keys To Deliverance Can Be Found In Holy Water And Dedication To Eucharist 

 7    Nothing More Potent Against Evil Than Pleading The Precious Blood Of Christ

 8    Blood From Ancient Eucharistic Miracle Matches Blood In Shroud Of Turin

 9    In Times Of Confusion Head For Sacraments And The Holy Spirit Of Truth

10    Antidote To Pride, Lust And Purgatory Is Found In Power Of The Eucharist  

11    After His Resurrection The Son Of God Most  Brilliant Light

12    Nothing Is More Enjoyable Than Spiritual Cleanliness

13    Greatest Secret of the Eucharist Is its Role in Attaining a Happy Eternity

14    Find a Way to Love Everyone  and the Glow of God Will Surround You

15    Eucharist Seen As Passover Mark That Protects Against 'Number' Of The Beast

16    Lest We Forget, The Ultimate Value Of Eucharist Is The Attainment Of Heaven

17    With The Eucharist Comes Humility And Therefore Entry Into  Heaven

18    From The Mail: Starting Eucharistic Adoration

19    Heaven Will Be The Constant And Endless Reception Of The Holy Eucharist

20    Denial Of 'Real Presence' Tied To Theologians In Europe

21    Hear the Holy Spirit of God: The Bob Rice Story (4X)

22    Devotion To The Eucharist Is Devotion To Actual And Whole Person Of Christ

23   The Eucharistic miracle at Lanciano

24    The Liturgy: One Huge Display Of Gratitude For Very Fact Of ExistenceCan 25    Great summary of liturgical norms from Diocese of Charlotte (PDF)

26    Gregorian Masses--What They Are And Why We Should Have Them Offered! 

27    After His Resurrection The Son Of God Most  Brilliant Light

28    Darkness And Problems In Life Can Be Dispelled By Actual Light Of Adoration

29    Why all the Eucharistic miracles?

30    Girl Allergic To Wheat Can Somehow Take The Host (2X)

31    As Time Sped Up, It's Time To Head For The Blessed Sacrament   

32    We Feel Joy and Peace When We Follow Formula Given At the Last Supper

33    During Mass And Lent, Pleading The Blood Has A Major Effect

34    Man buys eBay Host consecrated by John Paul II (4 stories)

35    Bring Back The Bells: Real Need For Mass To Return to Sense of Sacredness

36    Realize That Adoration Imbues Church With Special Grace In Crisis Times

37    As times grow tense, so does need to clarify the Sacred Liturgy

39    The 28 top abuses at Mass

40    Time Has Come To Make The Mass More Sacred

41    Darkness And Problems In Life Can Be Dispelled By Actual Light Of Adoration

42    The More We Exercise Gifts The More Miraculous They Become

43    When You Go To Mass It's Not Just A Ritual But The Heavenly Court 

44    A Mass Reading On Final Untold Mission Of Jesus

45    Bishops Urged Not To Quash But To Promote Adoration

46    Signs Linked To Blessed Sacrament  and Adoration

47    Hidden Saints And Wonders Often Share Connection To The Holy Eucharist

48    Potency Of Mass Protects And Holds Back Chastisement

49    Visit To Shroud Brought To Light Power Of Holy Pictures And Sacramentals    

  Forgiving Equals Healing

 1    Priest Says Forgiving Brings Astonishing Healing Results

 2    Tongues, Prophecy, Miracles, And Healings -- But The Greatest Gift Is..

 3    Tranquility Means The Spirit Is In Balance And Healing Can Begin

 4    If You Love In All Situations, You Can Find God Anywhere

 5    Secret Of Love: Realizing That Most People Are Better Than You Think

 6    Power Of Forgiveness Not Just Of Those Alive But Also Dead

 7    When You Wake Up And Can't Get Back To Sleep, Try Prayers Of Healing

 8    Recipe For Healing Our Families: Forgiveness, Perseverance, Holy Water   

 9    There Is Great Power In 'Knowing The Other Person's Story'     

10    Endlessly Blocked? It's Time To Cast Spirit Away In the Name of Jesus   

11    In A Rude World, The Answer Is One Day At A Time, And 'Ice With 'Nice'   

12    In  A Culture Immersed In Anger, Remember Anger Brings You Misfortune   

13    When We Feed Ourselves, We Heal and 'Soar With The Eagles'   

14    'Pray, Hope, And Don't Worry' Or You May Prevent A Healing     

15    Quench The Fiery Darts By Praying For Your Antagonists   

16    Offering Pain  Prevents It From Turning Into A Spiritual Contamination  

17    Where We Are Often Slighted, Antidote Is The Sword Of Joy From Love

18    As Times Grow Turbulent, Word Is 'Close The Door Of The Fort'