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When are blessings added "unto you"? When are they "doubled"?

When they go to your mission.

When they go to who you really are.

And you only get to who you really are by being the best you can be.

Many, many miracles then transpire.

Discipline. Surrender. You are "who you really are" when you are void of ego, when you're pure, as Mary was pure (so pure: from birth), when you are likewise humble; then, life itself becomes a miracle: all good actions.

But first we must dissolve pretense.

How can we be "who God created us to be" if we're living (or hiding) behind a facade?

Take a look in the spiritual mirror and make sure it's you in it (not behind it).

When you're back to the real "you," the authentic you, the you who feels most comfortable, like an old shoe, when the mask is removed, when you're acting in the way you should act, with nothing to hide, and working at what you were assigned to do, blessings are there for the asking. In abundance! Often we don't even have to ask for them. Look at figures throughout the Old Testament: When they were on an errand for God, their graces were doubled (see David; see Moses; see how the Blessed Mother was "filled with Grace"). They were taking action in the right direction.

To receive grace is to receive what we need for joyful completion of our purpose. God honors faith in goodness. What is good becomes better. False blessings collapse. When we wish others the best -- including those who cause us trouble -- we wish ourselves the best as well.

Many write or talk about religion without practicing the spirit thereof. (You can know this by the sense of the secular, by the worldliness, by the concomitant aridity.) The louder, the prouder. "Silence brings to our hearts the recollection and peace to interact with the people we love," said Maria Esperanza. When you're doing what God intends and acting as God wants you to act -- and love -- you can feel His caress. It's like a "flame of cotton" (said Maria). We are cushioned in Him.

Usually, when there is an obstacle, it's created by or connected in some way to intrusion of the "self," which seeks its own grace and attracts the enemy. Your mission is always unselfish, natural, the Will of God; seek His Will (not the world's), be as good as you can, exercise sincerity at every turn, and you will be guided to your true purpose in life without even realizing it.

If there is a "block," it can be the enemy, yes, but it also can be because you decided on what your mission should be. Only the humble can fully surrender. When we are full of ourselves we are our own worst enemies.

"All generations will call me blessed," said Mary, after abandoning herself.

Noted Luke: "Blessed is she who believed that the promise made her by the Lord would be fulfilled."

Abandonment and faith.

If God has "put you to sleep," if there is aridity, it is like a surgeon who anaesthetizes a patient so as to work freely.

Don't be discouraged when God goes silent.

We are blessed when we are serving others. We are blessed when we wish others the best -- again, including those who cause us trouble. We are blessed when we resolve to do the opposite of what we have done wrong, and actually accomplish that. Abandon yourself. Surrender. In the end, it gets down to surrender.

Walk in surrender and faith as Mary did and you complete your assignment.

Be moldable -- flexible -- in the Presence of God (whether you feel Him or not).

"The Virgin says to us, you have a mission," said Maria, "and the mission is going to be fulfilled with the demonstration of humility. It will be completed with obedience, with fraternity, and especially with gentleness and kindness, candor, and hope in this mother who comes to gather you in."

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