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Behind President's Victory Was Issue Of Immorality In A Morally Drifting Nation

Largely unspoken in the analysis of President Bush's re-election was uneasiness with the moral atmosphere that a liberal president would bring to a nation already suffering from tremendous moral decay.

Above every issue is the fact that Supreme Court justices are extremely likely to be replaced during the next four years, providing an opportunity to tip the Court back on the side of unborn babies.

There are three justices who are eighty or older and the average age is 71. One, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist (who is pro-life), is currently being treated for serious cancer.

In the back of many minds -- behind those who spoke endlessly about terrorism, the economy, or the war -- was that Senator John Kerry stood as a staunch advocate of abortion and even late-term abortion, the most menacing and sinister medical procedure in American history. He was also set to open the floodgates to stem-cell research (via human embryo cloning).

He is not an evil man, no; he has good qualities; but that Hollywood backed him spoke volumes.

According to Tom Brokaw of NBC -- who spoke with both candidates right before the election -- Karl Rove and the president thought the "cultural issues" would "get them home." Those issues did aid the president. "Younger voters did not turn out in the numbers hoped for by the Kerry campaign," noted a news item. "And in any case, NBC News analyst Tim Russert said, younger voters were outnumbers by 'rural voters, and the evangelical Christians and the so-called security moms or moral moms.' Young voters accounted for 17 percent of the electorate -- the same percentage as in 2000."

Translation: Christians put Bush back into the White House. 

Does that mean that Bush is flawless? Of course not. There are huge questions about the war.

But abortion is abortion and at least now there is a chance to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Thank God for that, but continue to pray.

Does the election forestall what many see as a "purification"?

Stay tuned. That purification has been in earnest since 1989 and came down with particular dispatch during September 11, the terrific storms that followed, the wildfires, and recent hurricanes. It may not matter who is in the White House. Or it can be seen as something that God sends with greater speed when a openly-declared Bible Christian is in office.


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