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 1    Of Dreams, a Tremor, and a Voice: This Is The Time of  'Dark Water'

 2    In Issues  Of War, The Final Answer Is In Spiritual Discernment 

 3    President Bush: The real 'Axis of Evil' Is the Rising Dragon in China

 4    War, Terrorism, & Epidemics Are Equal Parts Of Larger Prophetic Picture

 5    A New Evil Becomes A Trend As Singles Go To On-Line Sperm Donors

 6    To The Vatican: Watch The U.N. With Caution, As Well As Rise Of Europe

 7    As Scandal Spreads Prayer And Not Rumors Seen As Answer

 8    There's Not A Person In The World More Important Than You

 9    Both Vatican And White House Must Be Respected In  A Global Conflict

10    Christianity Was Not Built On Theology But On The Resurrection Of Our Savior

11    Mr. Bush: It Is Urgent For You To Speak  With The Thunder Of A Disciple

12    Stranded And Losing A Buddy: Spiritual And Prophetic Aspects Of 9/11(2X)

13    Miracle Of Prayer And Hope, Of 'Higher Purpose,' In Return of Elizabeth Smart 

14    Vatican To Release Official Guide To Discerning Alleged Apparitions? 

15    U.S. Now Has Chance To Ban Darkest Evil To Avoid Aspects Of A Purification 

16    Dream That Predicted Storms Also Hints At Coming Turbulence

17    Defend The Homeland, But Be Careful Of Big Brother And Global Government

18    Prohibition Of Priest From Shrine Causes Uproar (2X)

19    Feast Day Of The Blessed Mother Comes At Time Of Major Decision For U.S.


21    That Photo Of An Unborn Infant Grasping The Finger Of A Surgeon

26    Memorial Mass Have Been Said In New York For An Infamous Gangster?

27    Did The Supreme Court Dismantle The Last Law?

28    A Trip To 'Ground Zero' And A Reminder Of Perpetual Help  

29    The Spirit Behind Secularization Of United States Is The Spirit Of Anti-Christ   

30    Infirm Pope Heads For Old City Of Paganism And Chastisement   

31    There Is 'Magic' In Celebrityhood, And Also Great Dangers   

32    Knights of Columbus Hall Nixes Witchcraft Event (4X)   

33    Mr. Bush: It's Time For You To Stand Up Against America's Moral Bankruptcy

34    Nothing Brings Us Closer To God Than Thanking Him

35    John Paul II Is Prophet Of Our Time In His Admonishments About War

36    Mexican Immigrants Brings  Huge Increase In U.S. Catholic Population

37    O Canada!  Big Trouble Brews North Of Its Border

38    Robertson Uproar Puts Career On Line

39    Gorgeous Church Accents Importance Of Statues, Relics Of Saints

40    Time To Inform Singer She Can No Longer Call Herself A Catholic

41    Culture Warning: Winds Of Change Are Changing Into A Whiff Of Persecution


 Eating Right

    When We're Overweight, We May Be Spiritually Empty

    Physical And Spiritual Cleansing Comes When We Eat Right & Fast

    Expert Was Healed In Dramatic Way Through Hints In Sacred Scripture 

    Want  To Lose Weight? Consult The Holy Spirit -- And Eat What Jesus Ate

    Much Of What Plagues Us In Life Comes From 'Spirit' Of Addiction 

    When It Comes To Wanting To Know What To Eat, First Consult The Holy Spirit

    Chemicals And Growth Hormones May Be Making Youth 'Giants'



 1     Secularization Of 'Holidays' Must Be Stopped

 2     Holy Night: Greatest Lessons Of Christ's Mass Is The Power Of Silence    

 3     Christmas Is IdealTo Heal Family Trees And Pray For Those In Purgatory   

 4     It's Time To Come Against The Devil's Christmas

 5     Attempt To Make Super Bowlagan Holiday Countered By Christian Activism

 6     Leading Up To Ash Wednesday Are Now Festivals of Debauchery

 7     Author Sees Halloween As 'Evil Time Of Year'

 8     Rid Ourselves Of Evil And Bad 'Luck' By Holding High The Cross

 9     Modern Halloween:  Also The Season To Be 'Haunted'

10    Broadcaster Recounts An Amazing Christmas Wonder

11    Christmas: Often When God Is 'Delayed,' He Has A Special Plan

12    Frenzy of Christmas, A Child's Mistake Was A Message Of Love

13    From CNN: Special Halloween section

14    Halloween Reverted Back To Paganism After The Reformation

15    Advent Is Good Time To  Avoid Tension In Our Families

16    When Confronted With Evil Handle Conflict Is With A 'Silent Night'

17    De-Christianization Starts With Christmas And Hints At Persecution

18    Answer To Persecution Is Action With Prayers Of Devotion And Adoration 


2004 Election

    Concern That As President Kerry May Be Denied Communion

    Election: The Pain Of Worldliness vs. Spirituality

    U.S. Heads For A Critical Crossroads As Presidential Race Detonates

    Mr. Clinton, It's Time For You To Rescue The Young

    President's Victory Was Issue Of Immorality In A Morally Drifting Nation

    A New Start For Bush, An Alleged Message, And Power Of Icons

    Bush May Recover Legacy with Supreme Court Appointment (2X)


Discernment and Testing the Spirits

 1     Discernment of Supernatural Up To Bishops, Who Must Be Strictly Followed

 2     Is  It  A Thought, A 'Voice'  -- Or The Subconscious?

 3     Life And Death Are Designed By God.  Few Things Are 'Coincidences'

 4     Does The President Really Believe He Receives Locutions? 

 5     Is Asking God for a Sign Asking For The 'Sign Of Jonah'? 

 6     Private Revelations:  (Catalina Rivas revelations)

 7     Apparitions South Of The Border Again Raise Issue Of Discernment

 8     Eucharistic Miracles: Always From God, Or Can Some Be A Deception?

 9     Guideline On Apparitions Is Delayed But Subject Called 'Vastly Significant'

10    Why Do Claims Of Eucharistic Miracles Go Uninvestigated?

11    Discerning Mysticism Is Realizing That Christ Does Not Contradict Himself

12    Earthquake Predictors Join In Perilous Game Of Setting Specific Dates

13    Tough To Discern? See If The Situation Gives Or Saps Your Strength 

14    Are Ghosts And Hauntings The Real Thing?

15    Are UFO's a Manifestation of Evil?

16    The Supernatural: Caution Is Advised But We Admit Our Fascination

17    Are Prophecies Set In Stone -- Or Are They Altered Over Time?    

18    The Sound of His Voice: How Do You Tell When It's the Lord Speaking  (3X)   

19    Statues That Exude Blood Offer Special Challenges As We Discern Them   

20    How Do We Define  'Cult' At A Time When Cults Surround Us?   

21    Discernment Q & A With Michael Brown   

22    God Shows Himself In Displays At Times When There is Great Darkness (2X)

23    From Toast to Windows, Alleged Images Raise Serious Questions   

24    Apparitions: Catholics Urged To Be Open And Very Cautious   

25    Truth Comes When 'Wisdom' Beats 'Knowledge'   

26    How The Lord Is Really There, Especially When We Need Him   

27    A Church That Stray From Mystical Mystical Imitates Sadducees, Pharisees   

29    Predictions Underscores Need For Both Skepticism and Discernment    

30    Visit Of 'Seer' Points Up Need Both for Openess and For Discernment    

31    Priests Set Guidelines For Discernment Of Apparitions   

32    Bizarre Phenomena Mixed With Visions Of 'Jesus' and the 'Virgin'   

33    Retreat 06: Spiritual Cleansing, The Walk Of Faith, And 'Preparation'   

34    Of Many Messages, One Sums Them Up With A Theme Of Time To 'Prepare'   

35    Earthquake Predictors Join Prophets In Perilous Game Of  Date Setting   

36    In Deciding If  Something Is Right, Ask If It Increases Human Dignity   

37    Making The Right Decisions Often Means Doing What God Deems As Natural    

38    Let Us All Learn Lessons From Gibson Affair And Purge Darkness

39    False Seers Almost Caused Condemnation Of Famed Lourdes Visions

40    Has America Taken The Right Course Or Does It Risk Future 'Tragedy'?  

41    It's Hard To Discern When There Are Miracles In The Midst Of An Upheaval

42    Discerning The Future: Pray To Know The 'Truth Of The Moment'