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Physical And Spiritual Cleansing Comes When We Eat Right And Periodically Fast

By Michael H. Brown

Do you often feel tired? Even after a "good" night of sleep, are you fatigued? Are you prone to illness?

The problem could be that your body is overburdened with toxic chemicals. That's the conclusion of a Christian doctor named Don Colbert who warns that in modern times, our flesh has become a reservoir for chemicals ranging from pollution and the vapors from our modern household products to pesticides used on our foods.

Among the signs of toxic overload and poor eating habits in our society, asserts the doctor, are illnesses such as arthritis, type-2 diabetes, allergies, psoriasis, lupus, cardio-vascular disease, cancer (especially of the prostate and breast), and migraine headaches.

In our modern culture, virtually all of us are missing key nutrients because of how we grow and process food, and virtually all of us harbor chemicals like PCBs or DDE, which is a derivative of DDT. In addition are the literally thousands of chemicals that come up from cleaning products, new carpets, upholstery, furniture, lawn herbicides, dry-cleaning agents, and drinking water.

This all sounds very dismal. But the good news is that we can purify ourselves -- eliminate many of the toxic compounds -- and greatly lessen our chances of getting something like cancer. The best way of doing that is spiritual because it involves what the Bible so often indicates: fasting.

We're not talking about painful fasts here. We are not speaking of some elongated, hermit-like deprivation (although that certainly has its merit). We're speaking about juice fasts that can clear the body of harmful compounds and restore energy in a remarkable way, according to Dr. Colbert.

"Many people have the mistaken notion that they can exist on junk food day by day and then take a multivitamin or a multitude of vitamins a day and still maintain excellent health," he says. "Some people even do this trying to reverse degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, many doctors and nutritionists are pushing this fallacy, often out of ignorance. Taking vitamins and other nutrients and continuing to eat poorly is similar to never changing the oil or oil filter in your car and yet continuing to drive it."

When we look around, we note the increase of just what Dr. Colbert warns about: rheumatoid arthritis, immune disorders, diabetes. They are epidemic. Often, they are also preventable. Science is beginning to understand that the body can regenerate far faster than previously thought -- that it can often reverse a lifetime of abuse.

What it takes is an approach that is spiritual as well as physiological. "Fasting is the safest and best way to heal the body from degenerative diseases caused by being overfed with wrong nutrition," he writes. "Finding toxic relief through fasting can turn your life and health around. It is a natural, biblical system of supporting and cleansing the body from built-up chemicals, fats, and other toxins. It also has amazing spiritual benefits."

Dr. Colbert recommends periodic fasting of one to three days with no solid food but fresh vegetable juices, preferably prepared at home with a juicer. He claims there are many delicious recipes for these juices, and that natural, organic juice is readily absorbed by the body, neutralizing carcinogens, absorbing harmful "free radicals," and sending toxics to excretion.

Especially important: garlic, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, watermelon, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables. Ironically, "cruciferous" means "crucifying." It is the enzymes and phytonutrients in many fruits and vegetables that aid us, says Colbert, and they take special effect during a fast.

For best results, he says, drink at least two quarts of filtered water a day, get plenty of fiber, undergo periodic juice fasting, and pay attention to foods and lifestyles that help the liver. Beets, carrots, cauliflower, dandelion, escarole, cranberries, sweet potatoes, squash, grapes. And water. Lots of good water. As for abstaining from food, this releases toxins from our organs and gives our digestive tracts time to repair damage.

"Our fleshly appetite can be a ravenous animal, overpowering the spiritual man within us," he writes. "When this happens, it 'feels' impossible to say no to a craving for sweets, fast food -- or even sex, gossip or slander. These strong cravings and desires are a part of our lower, baser or more animal-like nature. The Bible calls this appetite the 'flesh.' One way to break the power of your flesh and bring it under submission to your spirit and mind is to fast. Fasting feeds your spirit while starving your natural man. It can soften your heart and cleanse your body to make you more receptive to God's plans.

"Periodic fasting is like periodic house cleaning," notes the doctor. "Periodic, short-term fasting will also strengthen your immune system and help you live longer. Deep cleansing of every cell in your body through fasting has the wonderful added benefit of improving your appearance. As your body detoxifies, your skin will eventually become clearer and glow with a radiance that you probably haven't seen in quite a few years."

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