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A curse will not alight if the spirit is right.

"Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, so a curse without cause does not alight," promises Proverbs 26:2.

We spoke last week about a "right" and balanced soul, and it comes when we clean the closets of the spirit. It is time for spring cleaning and so we can clean those "closets" and flush out what may be causing our spirits to be off center; to be not so right.

For when a curse lands, we know it!

Actually, the better metaphor is that of a snake.

A curse "hisses" at us. There is oppression. There is obsession. There is depression. At the extreme, there may be possession.

A priest who is expert in this field (and has written a tiny booklet called "How to 'Raze' Hell") adds a few more markers: repression, regression, suppression, and aggression.

We repress when we hold back expressions of love. This gives the devil a toehold. We regress when we back-slide -- lapsing into old ways (and less mature patterns). We suppress when we allow old hurts to remain. "This is like bandaging over a festering sore, without removing the infecting splinter," says the priest, Father John Hampsch.

Are we oppressed by our thoughts? Are we obsessed with anything or anyone (there is that hiss again)? Do we go in to funks from which we can't surface easily (anxious depression)?

If so, we need to clean these things out.

When we have cluttered souls, spirits attach to us. According to another priest we know, there is even a spiritual component to physical clutter. When a room in your home is a mess, it affects you psychologically (which can translate to the spirit). Here we think of the biblical admonition that "cleanliness is next to Godliness." These days, there are even television shows on those who compulsively hoard, filling their homes with junk.

It ruins their lives.

What junk is in your house, your cellar, your attic?

Clearing our hearts is what gives us a "new and right spirit" (as David called forth from the Lord). This is what gives us an even keel. Equilibrium is what brings peace. In forgiving others, first, pray long and hard to clear any pride, anger, unforgiveness, impatience, hatefulness, or lust from the deepest part of your own soul, and you will then find it easier to pray for those who afflict you and when you pray for those who afflict you they afflict you far less. There is less of that "sting." Their "curse" does not land.

Otherwise: it will dig as quick as one of those spiny deep-rooted weeds in springtime. The metaphors!

You cannot be cursed -- even by a witch -- if your soul is pure in its intentions.

Open the windows of your soul. Breathe in the Holy Spirit. Practice random acts of kindness. Take a step back from what annoys you. Look at it like a disinterested third party. Don't let irritations engage your spirit.

If there is no darkness -- no dirt, no wrong emotion -- in you, evil finds no place to land; there is nothing to which it can attach.

It's when we are weighted on one side or another by ego that we rock back and forth, causing unrest. The root is pridefulness.

We go to Heaven if we can find a level of perfect unconditional love and selflessness and remain there. This is true balance. Rise above annoyance. Easier said than done. But doable!

It is your highest self. It is cleanliness. It is who you were meant to be and what you want to "step into" when life on this earth ends.

[resources: How to 'Raze' Hell, The God of Miracles, and Father DeGrandis' books]

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