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Priest Says 'To Forgive Is Divine' -- And Brings Astonishing Healing Results

Michael H. Brown

Christ mandated it. When asked how often we should forgive someone, He said not seven times, but seventy times seven. We don't often think of how important forgiveness is, but it's crucial as the initiation of healing, as an act of charity, and in setting ourselves emotionally free.

"When a person is unforgiving," writes charismatic priest Father Robert DeGrandis. "There are spiritual chains around him, and they are also around the person who is not forgiven. Both people involved are in bondage."

Think about that: when we hold on to unforgiveness -- when we maintain a grudge -- we're in an unhealthy bond with the person who has hurt us. We're actually tied to the person. "You must forgive, otherwise your heavenly Father cannot forgive you because you are holding back the Spirit," says Father DeGrandis. "You are blocking the flow of the Spirit, closing the door. You are willingly staying in the dark and not entering into the Light."

That blocks healing, says Father Degrandis ( in a booklet called To Forgive Is Divine--visit our bookstore), and its message is life-changing. According to Father DeGrandis, we all should go deeply into prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal all the people we need to forgive. One good way of doing this is through what Father DeGrandis calls "The Forgiveness Prayer" [see below].  Through life, we gather a long list of friends, relatives, and acquaintances we need to forgive. When you pray, you'll be amazed how many will come to mind. Start with your earliest memories and take a prayerful walk through your lives. Once a person you need to forgive pops into y our consciousness, forgive that person; resolve not to think again of the offense; and love that person; pray for that person. This is what Jesus did right from the Cross -- and there is nothing that sets us free quicker.

There's the need to forgive friends. There is the need to forgive enemies. There is the need to forgive our closest relatives. "When we harbor bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness, we are in effect inviting the devil to become involved in our lives," notes Father DeGrandis (a world-traveling evangelist). "Families and countries have been split apart by unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and hatred. I firmly believe this can open people up to demonic activity. If we have been wounded and will not forgive, we deepen our wounds. When we forgive another we who have been wounded become the channel for healing," adds this priest. 

That's because resentment and unforgiveness cause the heart to become scaled, blocking the flow of the Lord's love into our hearts and our lives. When we forgive -- which is to love -- we see remarkable changes in our lives, sometimes gradually, sometimes in a way that's miraculous. Father DeGrandis cites the case of a woman who prayed the "forgiveness prayer" for seven days and saw a lump in her neck disappear. Another recovered from facial paralysis. "Following the guidance that the Lord had revealed to us, we began to enter into a prayer for forgiveness at the beginning of each healing session, and we saw tremendous breakthroughs," says Father DeGrandis (who will be on the Spirit Daily webcast soon). "During these sessions we have seen cases where, although the pain did not leave when the person was prayed for, the pain disappeared completely when the 'prayer for forgiveness' was said."

Is there a problem in your life that won't go away? Is there blockage? Is there something emotionally troubling you -- even a serious physical ailment?

Try forgiveness. It may be the answer you've been looking for. It may be what finally removes obstacles that have haunted you for longer than you knew and that have stopped you from being who God wants you to be.

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