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Is it a psychological ill -- or an evil infestation?

There are few more pressing questions in the Church, which has largely replaced the ministries of deliverance and exorcism with psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioral "sciences."

In fact, so pervasive is the move against a spiritual definition of mental disturbances that few priests have training on how the devil works and many dioceses no longer have a single cleric assigned the task of exorcism -- at a time when demonic infestation is perhaps more pervasive than at any time since the Middle Ages. We get desperate calls from those who have no recourse in the Church.

Schizophrenia. Bipolar disorders. Psychosis. And especially multiple-personality syndrome. Are such "illnesses" truly mental issues, spiritual ones, or a combination?

"My work among the emotionally and psychically disturbed stretches back now to something in the region of forty years," says one expert, Kurt Koch. "During this time I have personally counseled some 20,000 different people. All this has made it clear to me that in cases of depression, between five and ten percent of the sufferers have either had contact with occultism themselves or have ancestors who have dabbled in the same, and in cases of mental illness the percentage is much higher: in Germany and Switzerland twenty-five to thirty-five percent, and in England and California between forty and fifty percent.

"On the island of Bali, local doctors estimate that the percentage is even higher and they report that about eighty-five percent of those suffering from psychiatric illness come from families in which occultism is practiced," adds Koch in a book called Demonology, Past and Present.

In the news recently: a 12th grader who slew a 16-year-old with a sword and wounded three others. Said one witness notably: "His eyes were not the same eyes; they were big and you just saw the whites. His voice was different. He was one of my best friends. But we didn't know the boy who did the attacking that day."

In the boy's room were found spell books, Ouija boards, and "lots of pentagrams," according to a report.

Such cases are nearly always defined in psychological terms when occultism, which leads to demonic influence, has long been known to cause abrupt personality changes -- and bizarre criminal behavior. Koch notes that one psychologist tried to dismiss the crazed men near the tombs of Gadarenes -- who were cured (Matthew 8) when Christ cast out demons -- as a case of "hysteria." In fact, the presence of numerous spirits (as in "legion," see Luke 8:30) is today defined as "multiple personality."

It has been about a century and a half since society began to discount exorcism in favor of psychological theories, such as those championed by Sigmund Freud. Yet few know that Freud himself was obsessed with occult artifacts, nor that the case that made him famous was that of a woman referred to as "Anna O." who had two distinct personalities. (A psychiatrist involved in the case left one day with terror in a cold sweat; one "personality" had a French accent, the other Italian; Anna herself insisted that one of the personalities was evil.)

"Criminally insane," psychologically disturbed, neurotic -- or "demonically infested"?

"I have heard several Christian psychiatrists in areas where occultism is rife affirm that sometimes more than half the inmates of their psychiatric clinics are demonically oppressed rather than mentally ill," writes Koch, pointing out that there are wrong diagnoses on both sides -- those who think a psychological ailment is a spirit, and vice versa. There are legitimate mental illnesses -- some of which are biochemical. However, it is mainly the diagnosis of spiritual problems as psychological ones that is the most pressing current misdiagnosis.

The very word "occult" means "hidden," and the evil one often hides behind psychological terms.

And that's why psychiatry so often fails (while deliverance can provide relief that is instant).

"Demonically oppressed people exhibit the same symptoms today as did the possessed Gadarene 2,000 years ago, " says Koch. "Demon possession has therefore remained the same in its effects since the time of Christ, despite what the modernists would try to say to the contrary. Let it be noted that although the theories of psychiatry and psychology change from decade to decade, the fact of possession remains unchanged."

A crisis this is. Again, we hear frequently from those who have no recourse in the local rectory.

Yet it is part of our faith and it was a key to the ministry of Jesus. Do demons really cause mental disturbance, and even physical ills?

Look no further than the New Testament.

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