It is always good to ask God to rectify what needs to be rectified deep down in our souls instead of sending trials to show us what darkness is most hidden. The deeper we purify, the higher our place in Heaven. The quickest avenue to that is a direct relationship with Jesus. Just ask Him for it!

Many times, in life, we forget that He is the intermediary between God and men -- He alone. We pray to be in His direct Presence with the assistance of saints, especially the Blessed Mother. It is this direct Presence that must be most and constantly sought.

If there are intractable problems in your families, including with finances, it may be time to go more directly to the Lord and ask Him to be right there for you, right alongside you, really there, extremely personal; your best friend, releasing you from bondage. To speak with Him always is to pray as Scripture admonishes, "without ceasing." And this can work tremendous power (and deliverance) in your life.

Recently we received a note from a long-time viewer, stating:

"Would you be so kind and write something that will give some inspiration during such financial hardships we are all experiencing? My husband and I have always worked. We've been married for almost eighteen years. We have teenagers and I recently lost my job. I've been praying the Rosary daily with my kids for so many people in my life who have been afflicted with cancer recently and other horrific circumstances and it finally hit me.... MY FAMILY NEEDS HELP TOO! I pray through almost every moment of my day but I am really crying out now! We need help! I'm not losing my faith by any means and I know God has always pulled us through every hardship, even when my daughter suffered a brain tumor last year that almost severed her optic nerve. But I don't know what God wants people to do when it comes to money. I only ask for the amount to get by, no more. But when you can't pay your mortgage and they are about to shut off your utilities any moment, it really brings this question to mind. I just want to know what God expects of us. If we are living to get to Heaven, how do we get through this life when the expenses to live on this planet are not possible? I'm very passionate about my faith and never cared too much about money or objects. Therefore, this is a sincere request and I'm hoping you can start adding this topic to your site. I know our souls are more important than money but we have no choice but to deal with it! Anyway, hopefully you have some ideas that aren't just about finances per say. But more about how God wants us to handle that aspect of our lives? Even if it's some inspirational stories from others. I don't know, but I have a feeling you guys will come up with something good! God bless all of you and I pray your site prospers and continues to spread God's truth to the world."

One answer: Ask Jesus to lift suppressions and repression of your finances and more importantly anything that hinders His call in your life. Realize His power over Heaven and earth. He is all-powerful. He is Power itself! There is no questioning this. Ask Him (every day) to break curses. He is Light itself and so we ask Him  to "illuminate" the soul in its deepest parts, and we should beseech Him to do this and to purify us at that level. We have gone through our own ups and downs; it isn't easy, paying for health care, a Catholic education, and those types of endless things.

Jesus should be sought more directly. Ask for that "personal relationship"! Pray even non-verbally -- just yearn for Him! Thank Him in advance. Praise Him always. Release control and give it to Him.

In our time, many have strayed from having a personal relationship with Him and do not ask Jesus Christ to be in their very midst, to be beside them every moment, closer than their shadows, truly there, to be their nearest dearest friend. We have forgotten to speak with Him through the day with spontaneity and depth. We place too many things between us and Him, even certain rituals or habits.

He is directly accessible.

And it is His Real Presence that changes and cleanses most profoundly.

He wants this. God wants this. Jesus in our midst: it should be the goal of life, having Him as a companion, scattering darkness.

He purifies what is within. He protects us from what is without.

The Blessed Mother and the saints (especially Joseph) can help us reach this direct relationship. As we pray to Jesus, as we worship Him, they pray with us. Let Him come through the Blessed Sacrament and be with you. Ask anywhere all day. It is the best prayer to fall asleep to. We must ask with the energy of fervor. It must be our goal! Your angel will help. But, again, mainly just ask Him for it!

This our Church needs to teach as it did in the first century: the approachability of the Lord. We look at 2 Chronicles 1:5 as an example of True Presence and a precursor even of the Blessed Sacrament. Here we see where Solomon "offered sacrifice in the Lord's Presence on the bronze altar at the meeting tent."

That night, the Lord God appeared to Solomon and allowed him to make a request, which was answered.

When we honor Him in the "high places" -- in the meeting tent of the soul, at all times -- we walk in His Favor.

And when it is God's Will we are doing, and it redounds to our best eternity, our prayers are fulfilled. When our dreams and goals begin to frustrate us, this is a sign that it is something we are too focused on or not His Will. We can make a goal or need an idol. Like Abraham, put on the altar of sacrifice what means the most to you. Be happy with or without. When you show God that you will love and trust Him and be happy even if the request is not met, this brings the greatest closeness and power. Sometimes God snaps His fingers against evil or illness or financial insufficiency and solves it; sometimes, it is more gradual; always, if you call, He strengthens your armor. Certain trials are allowed to indicate darkness or weaknesses or as spiritual development. Sometimes, there is a chink in our armor: an access point. Stand in authority, move in power, know you always win with Him, says K. A. Schneider in his excellent book, Self Deliverance. You must take control of your thoughts. You must reject the devil's words the instant they are spoken -- the temptations he sends, the dislike, the criticality, the confusion, or fear, the anxiety, the discouragement.

Can a Christian be possessed by the devil? This is a question some debate.

Yes, at least "infested," and certainly affected, but there has to be an entry point and we close entry points when we walk step by step at the very side of Jesus.

[resources: Self Deliverance].