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"Cleansing" of the heart is important to unleash the flow from the soul that will be evaluated in the afterlife. 

It also has physical repercussions.

The spirit is over the body and mind and brain. It forms us. It regulates us. It is like an electrodynamic organizing field.

Remember: all of the brain is in the mind, but not all of the mind is in the brain.

What is in the spirit thus transmits to our bodies.

When there is darkness it is a block to the flow of force from that which is life-giving.

Meditate on this.

So it goes. We say this often. It cannot be repeated enough.

Summer is a good time to be easy. It is a good time to ask the Holy Spirit to search the depths of your soul and guide you as to what needs to be cleared to bring that ease. Cast evil out (in Jesus' Name).

Aim to turn your spirit white. Aim to become balanced. You may be surprised at what He indicates!

Do you realize you can ask Him to reveal anything?

You also may be surprised -- once you cast out darkness (and especially wrong emotions) -- at how free and healthy you'll feel (if you keep casting out the debris). There is that equilibrium.

To keep that balance, remember that cleansing takes constant vigilance. But is it worth it! If you can remain in a clean balanced prayerful state you are protected from calamity that comes from sources that are not Godly (read: the devil) and while there may be trials and illness, there likely will be less of both  (and when they do come, they will be as purification).

How often do we ask the Holy Spirit -- do we ask Christ -- to regulate everything we do, say, and even think? How often do we cleanse? How often do we pray for balance (specifically)? Are we treating life with the tension of the world -- with adrenalin, which brings imbalance -- or with the ease of the Spirit?

As it says in 2 Kings 20:10: "So Hezekiah answered, 'It is easy for the shadow to decline ten steps; no, but let the shadow turn backward ten steps.'"

"For My yoke is easy and My burden is light," said Jesus (Matthew 11:30).

This is God: most often, He is easy. He eases us into realization. He eases us through lessons. He eases us away from wrong decisions.

He's a patient, gradual God -- and because of that, we often don't see His wonders!

He eases us into miracles.

That's because most of the time prayers are answered in steps and nearly imperceptibly. They go "unseen" because often --even mostly -- we are blinded by the rush of life. There are those cases of a lighting flash. There are those bolts of grace. There are times when He is instantaneous (and we proclaim a "miracle").

But mainly God eases us onto the direct course, and eases us toward health; and most miracles are seen only in retrospect!

To let those miracles come, to let grace flow, and to hear His nudge -- to be easy with the Lord -- first means casting out blockages.

Those blockages often are in the way of fears and grudges and jealousies. They are in the way of past hurts that we don't allow to fade. They are in the way of pressures we put on ourselves -- over trivial things.

In the spiritual and the physical it is important to have His "balance." We must be easy. The dictionary tells us that to be easy means to be free of peevishness and hurry; it is to be tolerant; it is to be nice. There is great power in kindness! When we are ill at ease, we can become ill. There is dis-ease. This summer, don't sweat the small stuff. Let relaxation flow. Let health arrive. Summer is the time for relaxation (which enlightens and heals). 

But let us confess darkness. When we do -- when we cast it out -- even battle is easy. “Then you said to me, ‘We have sinned against the Lord; we will indeed go up and fight, just as the Lord our God commanded us.’ And every man of you girded on his weapons of war, and regarded it as easy to go up into the hill country," said Deuteronomy 1:41.

Spirits of lust and anger and obsession are thrown out and want desperately to return -- with even stronger spirits. Keep casting them away and filling yourself with right, balanced emotions. Keep moving those "mountains." That means purifying your thoughts and being "natural" about it -- patient with yourself. Uncomplicated. The only true way to seek ease is through prayer, fasting, and, of course, the sacraments. The discipline of Catholicism is simple and simply the key!

In this regard, in prayer, during Communion, we must ask ourselves:

-- With what frequency do we force things?

-- How frequently do we try to be something (or someone) we are not?

-- What and who make us at ease and what and who do not?

-- How often do we let others mold us?

-- How often do we invite dis-ease?

Easiness is peace and happens when we are guided to what our missions are based on the flow of the Holy Spirit instead of worldly perspectives.   Don't live according to the judgments of others! The real you is the you at your most natural and most prayerful and healthiest. It is the you at your easiest. It's when you have that sense of "well-being." (Key term there!) Step back this summer. Take a deep breath.

As you lay on the beach, feel Him come with the rays of the Son and remember: the Lord can see into every cell. He knows the working of each molecule. He can affect any organ in your body through your spirit at any time. Only He can regulate the interaction between you and everything else. He can protect you. He will. For Him, it's easy. Don't block Him. Don't let others block Him. Easy does it. In the ease of God, joy and health are there for the taking!


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