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Navy Man Recounts Prediction By Esperanza And His Father

(From the Mailbag)

Dear Michael Brown,

      My dad and I went to see Maria Esperanza back in October of 2000 and remembered the warning that she gave of us being attacked. At first thought, I thought it would be impossible, we already had a Pearl Harbor. So I put it to the back of my mind and never pondered much on it. 
      In July of 2001, I was faced with a difficult decision on whether to re-enlist in the Navy or to get out. My decision was final by the second week of August of 2001: I planned to stay in the Navy. At this point, my dad, who is all gung-ho for the military, was telling me to get out. From July till 9-11 he was waking up at 3 a.m. every morning with the sweats and with an urgency to pray. I found all of this quite strange and thought that maybe he was losing his marbles. So all's I thought of doing was to just humor him and put it in the back of my mind.
      Well, when you re-enlist in the military you have to pick a date of when you want to re-enlistment. I knew that September 17 was the end of my current re-enlistment, so I set the date for September 12th. All the while my dad kept telling me to get out of the service. He told me that he felt something very bad was going to happen and he felt that it was going to happen in New York, a possible attack. At this point I didn't know what to think. In the meantime my wife was supporting me to stay in. Then September 11th happened, at this time I was over by the Sandy Hook area on the military base. I heard the rumbling from where we were and witnessed everything as it unfolded on TV. Now my father was silent on the choice that I would have to make, and the wife, well she wanted me out...go figure! As for me, I knew the paperwork was ready so I went through with it and re-enlisted as scheduled. Normally re-enlistments are supposed to be happy, but I only found out that this time all of that has changed and it was tough to hold back the tears during the ceremony.
      As time went on, soon after that, Spirit Daily along with a whole host of people were spreading the Revelation 18 all over the place. I found that strikingly on the money in a lot of aspects and yet some things not yet fulfilled. About one week after the events, I could do nothing but contemplate the events of that day and those who died. Then something hit me, kind of out of no where. As I remembered how the towers once stood, the Book of Daniel came to mind and I thought of the statue that Daniel interpreted for the king, that each part of the body on this huge statue was an empire, seemed to stick out. When reading the description of the "Legs of Iron" it seemed to say the United States... the Twin Towers, as if the events of 9-11 were to serve as a warning that we were somehow going to diminish in power and share power with another superpower... hence "the feet of part iron and part clay." Again I put this in the back of my head trying to ponder what to make of it. Is this mere coincidence or and over-imagination? It just seems that the more I read the more that seems to make sense. I thought that this was worth sharing.
      Thank you so much for your time.

Ken Leahey Jr., USN

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