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After Five Years Of Silence Phoenix Seer Releases New Message And New Warning

By Michael H. Brown

It has been five years since Phoenix seer Estela Ruiz received a public message from the Virgin, who allegedly has come to her since 1988 as "Our Lady of the Americas" (not to be confused with "Our Lady of America" in Ohio). Recently, her beloved husband, Reyes, passed away in a remarkable, holy death. Estela, who has been very quiet for those years, and whose messages have been among the more reserved (withstanding the scrutiny of her local bishop, who after investigating remained neutral at a time when so many seers are rejected), now believes it is again time to speak. On December 20, 2003, she received the following public message, which we present for your discernment. 


Message from "Our Lady of the Americas," December 20, 2003:

My Dearest Children, 

I come again to speak to you about the message that I came to bring to the Americas years ago, to again call you to your God, but much stronger than ever. Several years ago I came to call you to God, to ask you to leave the way of the world and return to Godís love because I could see where humanity was headed, I could see what was to come because of manís intolerance for one another, the hatred between men for reasons that were evil and of the world.  

I came to plead that men love one another and leave anger and hatred behind. These lessons to the Americas were of great importance if there was to be peace in the world. The believers of My Sonís great sacrifice for humanity settled in this country blessed by God our Heavenly Father with an abundance of material goods for menís needs, yet even so in this great country there exists much greed and intolerance for one another.  

It is only through faith and conversion of hearts that the people in this country can be all that God wants from you, His blessed children. If peace in the world is to come it will be through the way My Son came to teach. He said, ďLove one another as I have loved you.Ē The people in this country must become tolerant of each other, regardless of the differences in one another; differences of race, color, or creed. It is only through the faith My Son came to bring to all men that peace, love, and respect can be spread throughout the world.   

Looming on the horizon is a great danger for the world. The spirit of evil has become strong and this evil threatens to take away all that you have been graced with through the great sacrifice of My Son. To those who believe and have faith I say, beware because evil threatens the very fiber of your faith. The evil that pervades would take away by any means the gift My beloved Son left you. To those who have yet to open their hearts to this truth totally I say beware because the opportunity to choose may be threatened also, for the evil that moves around the world would take away all freedom of choice.  

Please, My beloved children, listen to my words as I say to you it is later than what you might want to think. During this blessed time in which you remember my Son I come to call you to change, to grow stronger than ever in your Christian faith, to reach out to your brothers and sisters who have forgotten or have never known My Sonís sacrifice, that they may know of my Sonís love for all men. The time is now! You cannot put it off any longer. Let My words awaken you, that you might not be jarred through some event that might take your freedom to choose God. I love you and I ask that you listen to My words. 

January 2004

[Message given in the home of: Reyes Maria Ruiz, 30 East Cody Drive Phoenix, Arizona 85040 rruiz@cox.net]

[resources: For the Soul of the Family]

[anyone with accounts of Reyes' intercession are asked to contact them]

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