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Blessed Mother Apparitions  archive page

Other Apparitions click here

Fatima click here

Medjugorje click here

Guadalupe  click here


 Our Lady in America (Sr. Neuzil) 

 1    American Apparition Calls For U.S. To Lead Spiritually At 'Urgent' Hour

 2    Astonishing Messages: 'I Come To You, Children,  As A Last Resort' 

 3    Messages From Our Lady Of America Last Spring: A Build-Up To 911

 4    Nun Was Said To Have Suffered Invisible Wounds Of Jesus

 5    American Seer Wanted That Societal Evil Would Ensnare Priests In Its 'Web'

 6    Vision Recounted In Which  Seer Experienced The Pains Of The Crucifixion

 7    Attack Of Devil Recounted By Visionary

 8    Our Lady of America  Paralleled Medjugorje and Third Secret of Fatima

 9    The Stunning Links Between 'Our Lady of America' and Other Apparitions

10    American Apparition Already Past First Stage Of Church Approval   

11    Movement to Recognize 'Our Lady of America'   

12    Land Buyer Where Sister Neuzil Resided Also Has Prophecy    

13    American Seer Was Exiled After Cloister Split With Modern Nuns   

14    Red, White, And Blue: The Blessed Mother's Hidden Role In History (2X)   

15    Ohio Sees Explosion Of Visions That Are Highly Interesting   

16    Claims Of Ohio Apparitions Accompanied By Phenomena   

17    Feast Of North American Martyrs Brings Memory Of Urgent Request

18    Sr. Neuzil:  Terrible Purification Without Penance   

19    Apparition To U.S. Nun  Remarks That Fruit Of Sin Was War

20    Major Apparition Occurred On Same Day As A Historic Vision In Rome    

21    St. Joseph Rises  In Messages From American Apparition  ( 2X)

22    After Years Of Silence Seer Releases New Message And New Warning

23    Hidden Side Of American History Are Experiences Of The Virgin Mary

22    "Our Lady Of America"  Apparition  Closer To Approval    

23    Fiftieth anniversary for alleged Our Lady of America apparition   

25    How The Blessed Mother Was There With Christopher Columbus

27    At Critical Time In History Comes New Consecration And Alleged Message  


 Other Apparitions 

 1    Mysteries At Saragossa -- The Virgin Mary's First Apparition (includes prayers)

 2    An Incredible Site Dedicated To The Blessed Mother ( with Montserrat prayers)

 3    In  Missouri, A Forgotten Grotto With 'Healing' Waters Was Found

 4    Our Lady of Emmitsburg (4X)

 5    Fond-Du-Lac: Inexplicable Images Of Mary And Jesus In Canada (6X) 

 6    Mary Co-redemptrix: A Dogmatic Crowning for the Queen? 

 7    From North Korea Warning 30 Years Ago of War and Falling Fire

 8    Lourdes  Shrine In Ohio Is Yet Another Place In State Of Intervention   

 9    Blessed Mother Credited for Escape From Dire Muslim Prison    

10    The Stan Rutherford Story (3X)   

11    Former Fundamentalist Claims Prophecies From Virgin, Angels ( 2X)   

12    Voice Of The 'Holy Mother' Rescued Buddhist Monk From Suicide   

13    Buddhist Miracle Underlines Other Times Mary Has Spoken To Pagans    

14    Apparition In The Netherlands Had Dramatic Messages (2 stories)   

15    Bishop Changes Prayer As Rome Objects To Wording (2X)   

16    The Blessed Mother Prophesied 9/11 During Apparitions In 1994 (2X)   

17    Blessed Mother Appeared Near Castle, Predicting Demise Of Satan   

18    Life-Saving Vision Of The Virgin Mary: The Louis Saia Story (2 Stories)          

19    Apparition That Predicted Storms And Turbulence Has Disappeared

20    Alleged Site Of Apparitions In Ohio Now Under Investigation  ( Marathana 2X)  

21    Our Lady and Islam (2X)   

22    From the Marines to Making Rosaries    

24    Miraculous Medal Marked More Dramatic Visits By Blessed Mother   

25    Did Washington Have a Vision of Mary At Valley Forge?   

26    In The Depths Of Prison Despair, Mary Came With Lesson On Faith       

27    Archbishop Resurrects Apparitions Causing Controversy in Philippines 

28    The Blessed Mother Often Makes Visits At  Farm In Canada   

29    At Lourdes  A Feeling Of Cleanliness And Defeat Of A Demon  

30    Devout Man Who Was Executed Offered It And Appeared After   

31    From the  Mailbag A Report On Alleged New Apparitions In Ukraine    

32    Key West To 'Katrina,' Remarkable Accounts Of Both Mary and Archangel     

33    Did Jesus Appear to His Mother Before the Resurrection?  

34    Our Lady and Islam

35    Secrets Of The Mount: The Blessed Mother And A Hidden History Of Carmel

36    Mystic Known For Apparitions In Ukraine Reports On New Ones

37    The Origin of the Immaculate Conception 

38    Interest Stirred As Public Rosary Halts With Alleged Seer   




 1    The Dramatic Fatima Revelations ( See how prophecy was fulfilled)

 2    From New  Age prayer in diocese to an actor's meeting with Fatima seer

 3    Lucia Dies: Her Passing Seen To Be Prophetic

 4    Death Of Lucia Accents Famed Secrets and Area's Hidden History

 5    Lucia's Warnings of Battle With Devil And Great Darkness Amidst Priesthood

 6    Intrigue Follows Fatima Seer As Photographs Of Her, Writings Emerge

 7    BMV Revelation of Hodigitria in Smolensk

 8    'Third Secret' Remains A Fascination As Facts On Its History Emerge

 9    Two Major Insights Into the Fatima Secret

10    The incredible faith of little Jacinta of Fatima

11    Lucia's death Came In Midst Of Major Upturn In World Events

12    Extraordinary Closeness Between John Paul And Fatima Seer( 2X)

13    Did Lucia Have Visions Up To Her Death?

14    Consecration Said To Have Prevented Nuclear Event

15    Recent Developments: Do They Cast New Light On Old Prophecies?

16    May 13 Figures Into Apparitions And Miraculous Events On World Stage

17    Fatima Seer's Book  On Sin, Disasters, And Fallen Priests

18    The Third Part Of the Secret Revealed 13 July 1917 To Lucia

19    What's going on at Fatima? (6 stories in Nov-Jan 2004---with pics)

23    Year Of Rosary Ends, Did the Famed Third Secret Play Out

24    From Fatima to Bushes with Death the Light of Heaven Is the Same

24    Miracles Reported At Fatima Centuries Before Famous Apparitions

25    Disputes Remain Over The Third Secret Of Fatima

26    Connections Between Fatima, Mount Carmel, And Mysteries Of The Scapular

27    A Seer,  A Wailing Wall, And A  Woman 'Clothed With The Sun'




 1   Vicar Says Medjugorje Will Not Be Judged Until Long After Apparitions

 2    Establishment Of New Commission To Study Famous Apparitions   

 3    Medjugorje Seer Receives Another Message Mentioning 'Sign Of The Times'

 4    Medjugorje Seer: With Belief In God Don't Fear, Even Of Coming Secrets

 5    Medjugorje: Real Or Deception (guest writers)

 6    Our Lady Weeps And Is Becoming Increasingly Sad

 7    Medjugorje Sends Forth A Rare Mysterious Message

 8    Millionaire Gives It All Away After Seeing The Virgin At Medjugorje

 9    Talk Of 'Signs,' A Swirl Has Arisen Around A Famous Apparition

10    From the mail: Blessed Mother gives no message during apparition

11    Homily By Ratko Perić Bishop of Mostar

12    New Test On Medjugorje Seers Sent To Vatican For 25th Year

13    New Message From Medjugorje On Devil Stirs Interest (Nov 2003)

14    Medjugorje Seers Have Holiday Apparitions

15    Strange Connections In 'Messages' From Alleged Site

16    Medjugorje To U.S. : Sense That Something May Be Coming

17    Priest linked to 'secrets' speaks on the fruits of Medjugorje

18    In Medjugorje, 'people are turning to God'

19    Medjugorje Seer: With Belief In God Don't Fear, Even Of Coming Secrets




1    Those Miraculous Gaudalupe Eyes

2    In Eye Of Miraculous Guadalupe Is Image Of St. Juan Diego

3    Origin Of Name 'Guadalupe' Appears To Underscore Spiritual Battle

4    In Stunning Trend, Devotion Is Crossing Into Protestant Denominations

5    Amazing Prophecy Surrounding Christopher Columbus

6    Feast Day Of The Blessed Mother Comes At Time Of Major Decision For U.S.

7    Images Claimed To Be Supernatural Resemble A Mexican Relic

8    Links To Two Miraculous Images A World Apart  (2X)

9    Virgin Of Guadalupe Image Cries Blood