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With The Eucharist Comes Humility and with Humility Comes A Glimpse Of Heaven

Adapted from Secrets of the Eucharist

In Heaven, according to seers, there is beauty beyond beauty. There is music beyond earthly music. There is peace beyond earthly composure. In Heaven light seems to radiate from an object instead of reflecting off it and everything is alive and even the flowers sway as if singing praises to God. "The grass was of a beauty I can't describe," one visionary told an interviewer. "The flowers were so beautiful I can't describe them."

There are living waters, and there are pure spirits with perpetual smiles because they live in an environment of love and God.

A key component of that purity is humbleness. They are humble and only when we're humble are we in close union with He Who was humility itself. Only with humbleness can we fully love.

Humility is a very major requirement of Heaven. It is something we must focus upon all the time. Humility is unselfishness. It's turning the other cheek. It's living a life of service to others. Humility is the opposite of pride, just as light is the opposite of darkness. Humility is selfless love. Humility is the Eucharist: plain and simple bread. Unleavened bread. Bread that is not puffed up.

"Let the greater among you be as the junior, the leader as servant," said Jesus (Luke 22:26-27). "Who, in fact, is the greater -- he who reclines at table or he who serves the meal? Is it not the one who reclines at table? Yet I am in your midst as the One Who serves you."

When we too serve others, we're exercising love and humility. And when we focus on others, our own anxieties, our own vulnerabilities, instead of consuming us, are put into better perspective.

When we concentrate on the needs of others there is a diminishing of our own problems.

The Blessed Sacrament brings such humility because during Adoration we are loving God and forgetting our selves. 

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