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We are now releasing Michael Brown's new book on prophecy, following in the tradition of The Final Hour, Sent To Earth, and Tower of Light.

Will this be a last work before events reach what the book calls a crescendo?

No one -- save perhaps for a few select -- know, but events in all realms continue to tumble around us.

Can it be that Heaven has conveyed a future scenario in which the world will be vastly different than it is now, that our current world is seriously out of conformance with God's Will and as a result will incur truly historic and dramatic events that will reorient the "societies of men"? 

In this follow-up to previous bestsellers, the author takes an in-depth look at a prophecy that claims a "crescendo" of events -- one that may well play out within the lifetimes of many reading this -- approaches the world.

In this mix is the notion of flame

The book is called Fear of Fire.

Somehow, events -- perhaps looming events --seem to include fire, or at least an event that will cause great fear of it. It is a notion prevalent from apparitions in Wisconsin and Africa to saints such as Padre Pio (and even biblical references) -- as well as an obscure, enthralling, and recent prophecy.

Said Mother Angelica of Brown's Sent To Earth about coming natural events: "If you didn't buy his book, you're missing it. It's not a scary book; it's a very good book. If you haven't bought it I would buy it. I think it's a great book, just terrific. I think it's important for my future and your future. I want you to read Sent To Earth. Why? It's logical, it's truthful, it's sensible, and it's God's way of saying, 'Let's be ready.'"

The Lord promised after the Flood never to destroy earth again with water.

Might fire of some kind take its place? What about strange "rumblings" many claim to hear? What of potential seismic and weather events? What is occurring right now in the world? What movements seem to be taking place in the supernatural? What about attempts at a "new world order" and creation of synthetic crops and animals? What about Bill Gates? And the Georgia Monuments? What about Bohemia Grove?

And what about the collapse of morality -- which has been accompanied, so violently of late, by turmoil in other weather events and perhaps soon from another, hidden source?

Is a "curtain" about to part slowly with an event that will begin to open our eyes to God's long-expected plan of purification?

(Said Padre Pio when asked about the future: "Can't you see the fire?")

"I don't know if I will be writing again on prophecy," says the author, who has penned twenty-five previous books. "Time will tell. Events will tell. I think by the end of this decade we will have a better sense of the magnitude of what's coming, which I think will unfold throughout the first part of this century, through the 2020s and 2030s, like swerves and spikes, some different from what men have known."

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[We would like to especially thank Judy Berlinski for her editing, as well as Lisa Brown and Kathleen Jenkins, and cover artist Pete Massari]


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