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We get mail, on a variety of subjects.

"I just read your article on spirits being attached to objects in homes and I have a story to relay," says a viewer from Idaho. "My parents were given, as a gift, a large painting that was supposed to represent the Blessed Virgin Mary in a 'new age' style. The known painter was heavily involved with occult practices and my parents, even after having the picture blessed, always felt uneasy around it. A relative who liked the picture took it to their home, but after a few years were downsizing and wanted to return the picture. They were making plans to ship the painting back. 

"I was visiting at my parentsí house during this time. When I got up this particular morning I was about to put on my tennis shoes and was surprised and a bit bewildered to find two centipedes in my shoes. I felt it was odd as my mom keeps a clean bug-free home. Later that day as I was talking with my mom she told me how upset she was about the thought of having that picture back in their home. She had been praying about it for days and told me she even dreamed about it the night before. She said she dreamed that the picture was a portal of evil and saw centipedes pouring out of it. It was only then that I told her about finding the centipedes in my shoes that morning. My parents then called and requested that the painting be destroyed. After having done so they felt a great peace about the situation." 

"Thank you again for your excellent ministry; I am greatly blessed and instructed by it," writes Suellen Brewster of Amherst, New York. "I, too, wake in the night to pray. It isn't always at three; often it is before, but I never fail to look at the clock at three exactly, and also at 3:33. I had a thought that the enemy apes everything Jesus does, so three could certainly be the hour of condemnation (as opposed to the hour of Mercy). I wonder if there are statistics available as to when suicides occur. Also, any mother or any nurse can tell you that children with fevers are usually at their worst at three in the afternoon. They can seem better in the morning, but three o'clock comes and it spikes again. When I am up praying I usually pray before the Sacred Heart image we have enthroned in our home. I feel especially drawn to pray a booklet written by Father Mateo Crowley on night-adoration and reparation. It is powerful. I am certain we who are awakened are privileged to be a 'balm' to Our Lord's Sacred Heart at a time when so many vile things are occurring in our towns. Yes, our bars in Buffalo close at three a.m. That's usually when the knifings and drive-by-shootings occur outside the closed bars. Mercy."

"I too have been having three o'clock calls for years now," wrote Osie Broussard of Ethel, Louisiana. "Mine seem to be a call to say the Divine Mercy for souls. The first time I realized this was when  a young guy who killed a famous Miami designer was on the run and killing others as he fled. It had been all over the news.

"One morning I was awakened at three a.m., looked at the clock, and felt a strong urge to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet -- so I reached for my rosary (always in my bed) and began the prayer. The next morning it was reported that he had killed himself and right away I said out loud, 'Lord, for him?' I received, 'He, most of all' I felt ashamed. It happened again this strong urge and again the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the next day a dear friend was killed in an auto accident. It was for her! I felt great joy to be a part of her death as I had been in life. As she lay cold on that  emergency room table I was allowed to kiss her head and I whispered, 'It's ok Mary, go to Jesus.' Now when it happens I don't ask questions, I just pray. It gave me the realization of how closely we are all tied together and that we truly are the Church militant,  warriors together helping souls."

A fellow named Daniel was more skeptical: "Isn't it always three a.m. somewhere?" he asked. "If so, what does it matter if I wake up at three a.m. MST, or two a.m. MST/three a.m. Central, or one a.m. MST/three a.m. East Coast?  In each of these cases it is three a.m. somewhere, and according to the logic of this article. Actually, what logic? Let's be reasonable."

However, one might also ask, when it's Christmas Day in New Zealand, is it likewise Christmas Day in New York?

"I have been waking up at three a.m. for many years now," adds Mary Jo White of Pittston, Pennsylvania. "During the Eighties and Nineties, it was most every night. Since then, I wake up at three a.m. every night with few exceptions. Interestingly, the time change does not seem to effect the "three-a.m. wake up. During standard time I wake up at three a.m. During daylight savings time I wake up at three a.m. When I am traveling, I wake up at three a.m. in the time zone where I  am."

Adds Wanda Joy of North Franklin, Connecticut: "I was told years ago by a very gifted older lady that if you are awakened at 2:30 a.m. you are to pray for priests with the Rosary, and if you are awakened at three a.m. you are to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the world. That three a.m. was the hour of Atonement. She used to say that God loves to have company in the early morning hours Ė He must never sleep. She used to pray from the time she woke up for several hours."

"The day night of the earthquake, tsunami, etecetera in Japan I awoke at three a.m. and felt a strong need to pray but at the same time I was so sleepy and I ignored it," wrote Maria Daravi of Austin, Texas. "I felt so bad the next day when I heard the news and then I began to pray for all in Japan and asked forgiveness for ignoring my Lord."

Meanwhile: "Numerous times I, too, have been awakened at that time and felt the prompting to pray, particularly the Rosary, but one instance stands out vividly," wrote Cindy Madrid of Sharpsburg, Georgia. "I donít remember the exact date, but it was sometime in July or August; I remember it was hot outside. This instance  of awakening at three a.m. was so unusual because I immediately was awake and out of bed; I looked in my back yard and began to bless everyone in my house by making a physical Sign of the Cross on each personís head. I also blessed my house entrances and windows. I felt so compelled and driven to do this, not understanding why but just doing. It was as if evil were lurking somewhere around and near me and my family. 

"Then 9-11 hit. As we were watching the coverage of this horror, there flashed up a face I had seen before in the area where I lived at that time. It was [the terrorist] Mohammad Atta. I had seen that face, in particular, those eyes before. I had to pray and reflect as to why that face, those eyes, haunted me. Then about a month or so later I asked my husband, 'Do you remember the Sunday after Mass when we went to eat with our friends and I commented on the two gentlemen who I had made eye contact with and smiled and said hello and told you that if looks could kill I would be dead?' My husband and I lived in Lawrenceville, Georgia, at the time and Briscoe Field, where Atta and another terrorist 'practiced,' was not eight miles from our home. We found out later that he and another one of the terrorists had worked out at the gym next to our familyís favorite Mexican restaurant in Lawrenceville as well. In retrospect and reflection, maybe my soul was sensing danger. I believe our souls, with the Spiritís prompting, guides us if we keep the lines of communication open and take time to listen with the ears of our heart and stay 'fresh' with the sacraments."

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