Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance, by Dr. Karl I. Payne, a major Christian expert on deliverance and NFL chaplain presents this can't-put-it-down discussion of demons and how too many ignoring their work in the world around us,  especially in our churches. Riveting cases and examples, as well as measures that clear such forces from our lives. How do demons attach to  believers? What about ancestry? And more! Recommended. CLICK HERE 



Surprising it can be, the good and even devout Catholics who in some way fall prey to the occult.

It usually comes by way of seemingly "innocent fun" things like astrology, fortunetelling, mediums, Tarot cards, and the Ouija board. But innocent it is not.

With it can come a gripping darkness.

"Country fairs, and even some churches, often have fortunetelling booths as a side show, 'just for fun,'" noted deliverance expert Derek Prince (in They Shall Expel Demons). "But there is no such thing as harmless fortunetelling. Poison is poison, even when it is not labeled [see also: Onward Catholic Soldier].

"Another form of this demonic activity can be more deceptive. I call it 'charismatic fortunetelling.' There are some ministers and speakers at conventions who offer personal prophecy and encourage Christians to come expecting 'a word from the Lord.' Undoubtedly some words are from the Lord, but many more proceed from the soul of the person ministering or even from a demon of divination. They can have a disastrous effect on the lives of those who are ensnared by it."

And so it is.

Usually, if God has something to tell us, He will go to us directly -- most often, with a subtlety that is exquisite.

Psychics, channelers, and others of that ilk sometimes cruelly take advantage of those who have suffered the recent loss of a loved ones -- claiming to put them in contact with the deceased.

Can the dead send us signs? Yes. Can they be called up at will? No. Should we seek contact with them? Absolutely not.

We think of these matters near Christmastime -- when the "veil" seems so thin.

"Most people want to know what the future holds," wrote Prince, who was educated at Oxford. "But God requires us to 'walk by faith, not by sight' (2 Corinthians 5:7), not knowing what the future holds but trusting His unfailing faithfulness. There may, however, be times when God will give us some sovereign revelation concerning the future, without our desiring or seeking it. When He takes the initiative, the result will serve His purposes."

Saints like Padre Pio often glimpsed the future for those seeking counsel. But it was spontaneous.

He was no medium.

Still, one must be cautious with anyone who says they can see into our futures.

"Another way many people are exposed to divination is through horoscopes," warned Prince, who cites the example of a woman who needed deliverance because of this. "A generation or two ago, many newspapers carried a daily portion of Scripture. Today the same pages often carry a daily horoscope reading. Casually scanning 'your' horoscope in the newspaper with an unguarded mind can expose you to demonic influence."

These are "door openers."

The right door to open is the one that opens through reading the Bible, attending Mass, doing a novena, and praying the Rosary.

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