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Forget The Rush Of Modern Life And Give The Gift Of Time To Others And Yourself

By Michael H. Brown

As the clock ticks away and brings us into 2003, perhaps it is opportune to meditate on the "gift of time. "

That's right: in the current age, time is a gift. We seem to have so very little of it that it has become a rare commodity. Think about how little time we set aside for relatives and friends. We're so caught up in work or computers or television (or all of the above) that we can't seem to spare a moment. Sometimes it nearly seems like God has sped up time (do you ever feel that way?). Something very strange is going on. But really, we are the ones who have made everything go so fast. Everyone is suddenly too "busy." There is no time for what they used to call "smelling the roses." We rush from one day and week and month to another with no real goal -- and no real end in sight. 

In the age of computers, things move that much faster and life becomes almost breathless.

And yet spare a moment we must. It's important to find balance in our lives. We all need to make sure we have full personal lives. And time is one of the best things you can give someone: setting aside time to talk with others, to visit, to help. Make this one of your New Year's resolution: to have spare time. 

It's one of the best gifts for others -- and also one of the best things you can give yourself.

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