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As Precursors To A Purification Abound, It Gets Hard To Ignore Signs Of The Times

By Michael H. Brown

"Great storms were coming in whatever direction the thermometer swerved but especially if more heat was pumped into the system," noted Sent To Earth, and it is hard not to see the swerve: First Southern California is scorched by record flames -- fire fanned by what are nicknamed the "winds of Satan" -- and not two weeks later five inches of rain fall on parts of the same area in two hours. That's accompanied by a freak hailstorm that leaves piles of hail more than a foot deep in parts of Los Angeles!

Meanwhile, unusual winds sweep across the entire U.S., with hurricane-like gusts of up to 74 miles per hour putting 1.4 million in the dark. It was the same way millions of others had been in the dark from various outages earlier this year.

President Bush's own plane, Air Force One, was severely rocked -- provoking groans from even the Secret Service. There were forecasts of blizzard-like conditions in Western New York. There were tornadoes in the Midwest. There were 16-foot waves on Lake Erie.

It has become very difficult not to spot the signs of the times. We are seeing the prefigurements of what will occur in the future, including a coming great storm and soon a major event. A "prefigurement" is an event that resembles a future event but is not of the same magnitude. The "signs" all point in that direction. Is it related to politics? There is commotion on the sun. It is acting as it has not in 1,100 years -- since what can be called the "great medieval chastisement." The eruption of one sunspot came from a part of the sun known as "486" (right) -- which is precisely the name of a controversial abortafacient drug! Many believe they even saw the outlines of an unborn child in one of the flares. It all comes just as the Ten Commandments judge is removed (the man who wanted a religious monument at his courthouse) and a bit more than a week after President Bush surprised many by saying the culture is not yet ready for an outright ban on all abortions. 

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written in 2003

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