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'Pray, Hope, And Don't Worry' Or You May Prevent A Healing, Notes Anointed Priest

We have been writing of late about some outstanding priests and another is Father William McCarthy from Moodus, Connecticut.

He's co-founder of a retreat center called My Father's House (myfathershouse.com), and to know that he is gifted is to know that he has written a slew of books, has spoken in more than 200 parishes, and has served as one of the most personable and talented of confessors. His Mass is the real thing. And for each of them he memorizes (and then entirely repeats, with no notes) the entire day's reading.

A most talented priest. And oh, yes, he has written a dynamite new book about healing. It's dynamite because it is anointed with some deep curative insights.

He calls it a "compendium" and his main message: often we have to spiritually heal ourselves before we can be healed physically.

We need to purge ourselves of such things as pride, lust, anger, rejection, bitterness, anxiety, and depression.

Let's focus on just one of his messages: the healing of worry.

It is anxiousness that may be the most frequent way that we stifle a cure.

"Take a moment to think about the issues and thoughts that take up most of your daily attention," writes Father McCarthy in A Catholic Compendium of Inner Healing. "For many of us, a big part of our time is spent worrying about circumstances in life -- some of which are completely outside of our control."

As the priest notes, worrying is detrimental because worrying is choosing not to trust God. St. Padre Pio said to "pray, hope, and don't worry" -- but how many can claim to put that into practice? We all have a difficult time with that but "365 times it says in the Bible, 'Do not worry. Do not fear,'" writes this scriptural expert.

A lack of trust is a lack of faith, and we cannot be healed without faith.

It goes even further. When we worry, we are not only preventing a healing, he implies, but possibly causing further harm. "Take a look at the ill effects that worry is causing in your life," says Father McCarthy, who founded My Father's House with a nun, Sister Bernadette Sheldon [left]. "We need to keep things in proper perspective. The difference between worry and genuine concern is that worry immobilizes, but concern moves you to action."

He then explains how that works and what to do about it, in a way that is fascinating. Among his topics is also healing from rejection. How many of us realize the full extent to which rejection has affected us?

"Rejection is one of the most painful experiences that we all encounter at some time in our lives, but to various degrees," says Father McCarthy. "It is also one of the most common blocks to spiritual growth." In our society, he says, "millions carry the pains, hurts, wounds, and scars of rejection" -- which can manifest physically.

It can certainly manifest psychologically. 

How does rejection arrive?

It can come from causes such as "divorce, betrayal, poverty, child abuse, abandonment, parental neglect, a violated trust, public humiliation or ridicule, broken relationships, trauma, unwanted pregnancy, handicaps, economic displacement, failure at work or school, and a lack of parental affection."

That covers just about all of us!

The most hurtful rejection, says Father Bill, "comes in the way of rejection from spouses, siblings, children, close friends, or someone we admire."

So let's be careful about "rejecting" people. The results, he says, "can be emotionally crippling. Countless people wall around carrying a cloud of unshakeable sadness, a fear of people's opinions," and there is a lack of self-esteem that then leads to the negative.

Negativity leads to physical problems, as well as emotional ones. It is a vicious cycle. They are problems because they block us from the flow of Jesus.

And it is Father McCarthy's goal to deliver his flock from emotional sicknesses as much as physical ones.

The priest covers topics from alcoholism and emotional abuse to homosexuality (all of which can be healed).

Depression? Discouragement? Suspicions? Perfectionism? Inferiority? An inability to love? Addictions? Procrastination?

There are counseling strategies. There are prayers. This is a valuable reference. Keep it at bedside. "I am chosen by You, my Father," is one prayer. "I am accepted in the Beloved. I am redeemed in the Blood of Jesus. I am saved by your Grace. I am a citizen of Heaven. I am an over-comer. I walk in love. I am filled with the Spirit. I am consecrated. I am healed. I am free. I am salt. I am sanctified. I am victorious.

"I am strengthened with might by Your Spirit."


[Father McCarthy can be contacted at (myfathershouse.com)]

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