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Cancer can be a disease of imbalance -- biological, emotional, and spiritual -- and as such should be handled with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Only He can properly orient us as to proper treatment and -- better yet -- the best ways of prevention, which in many cases mean being guided as to diet and other factors that bring the body, mind, and spirit into that proper harmony.

Cancer is a dis-ease. Something is not comfortable with itself (or its surroundings). There is, of course, simple old age. The body breaks down. But ill health also can be the result of contaminants in food, water, and air, an imbalance in what we eat, or a combination of those, plus genetic weakness that is exacerbated, in some cases (perhaps in many more cases than we imagine), by unhealthy spirits -- the spirits of infirmity.

A great question arising in our time when there is so much cancer is not only how it is caused but the best course of treatment because every body is different and in many cases the treatment -- chemotherapy -- causes nearly as much damage as the disease itself. The questions posed in prayer, then: Does it have to be so harsh? Can it be treated more naturally? Are we treating the result of chemical exposure with other chemicals?

Only God can guide us but we make a mistake in not letting Him in on our decisions -- not as locutions, which can be deceptive (except for extraordinary interventions), but in the way of informing our intuitions. Often, when there is illness, the imbalance is in the way of a bad habit or a sin like gluttony, which leads to obesity, which causes many types of illness.

Another question for our time is whether in our race to re-create Creation -- in the mad dash of manufacturing artificial components -- we have ignored the possibility that the Lord already has provided many cures in the way of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and good old clean water (with no additives) -- or at least as methods of prevention. Some have noted that certain vegetables that help our bodies are structured in a way that resembles organs they are known to help. A slice of a carrot resembles an eye and carrots have long been known to assist the flow of blood to the eyes and vitamin A -- crucial at this time of so much dry macular degeneration, which is especially helped with dark vegetables such as spinach before problems begin. A tomato is red and when sliced bears resemblance to the four chambers of the heart (which tomatoes can aid, along with preventing cancer). When opened a walnut bears resemblance to the brain -- the cerebrum and cerebellum, depending on how its cracked -- and, in fact, walnuts help develop neuron-transmitters for brain function. Or so they assert. Beans help the function of kidneys and, yes, in some cases, look like kidneys. Celery: bones. Eggplants and avocadoes: the cervix and womb (avocadoes help balance hormones -- and take nine months to grow).

Just neat little coincidences? Perhaps. But our modern society has grossly ignored natural solutions -- not just standard items (like pomegranates, broccoli, grapes, nuts, squash, and dark green vegetables in general, which can be so powerful against diseases like cancer), but also the almost uncountable herbs and spices out there (yes, especially garlic and onions and parsley and cinnamon and tumeric and flaxseed).

Meanwhile, if a vegetable can serve as a metaphor for the organ it helps, so too are there metaphors in the causes of disease. A hard heart can cause hard arteries. If everything is a "headache" to us the pressure causes a migraine. When we can't "stomach" people we may get ulcers from the tension.

When we are out of balance -- away from ease -- we overeat and the sin of gluttony can lead to obesity which is implicated in a daunting number of modern plagues. Indeed, the rate of breast cancer is far lower in countries like China that have smaller, simpler eating patterns (virtually no dairy, once past childhood) and where they refer to cancer as "the rich man's disease."

It is interesting to note that studies of ancient mummies show virtually no cancerous tumors in them. A study of remains and literature from ancient Egypt and Greece and earlier periods — carried out at the University of Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology and published in the prestigious journal Nature — includes the first histological diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy.

Finding only one case of the disease in the investigation of hundreds of Egyptian mummies, with few references to cancer in literary evidence, and no surgery for it, indicates that cancer was extremely rare in antiquity. The disease rate has risen massively since the Industrial Revolution, in particular childhood cancer — proving that the rise is not simply due to people living longer.

There is no case of Jesus healing cancer, which may imply that it wasn't an issue back then, although tumors are mentioned in the Book of Leviticus. Still, why so many tumors in our own day? Why so much diabetes?

Every week, a study shows one thing harmful and a new thing of benefit. It gets confusing and is why we pray. Every body is different. There are many beneficial fruits and vegetables that have their place (or the Lord would not have created them). He will lead you to the ones you need (if, with persistence, and faith, you ask Him). The only true way to lose significant weight is to cut down intake. Fasting brings great spiritual benefits and also physical ones, cleansing the system of toxins.

Flushing the system out with spring water can bring the body back into balance (as long as it's not kept in those little bottles that release plastic molecules into the contents, or water that is laden with bacteria), and this is what seems to best propel us toward health: flushing the system and moving it through exercise to spark yourself into the rhythm of movement. In this way do we begin to feel things start to balance themselves and the body craving healthier alternatives. With good food we begin to avoid medication.

Not only is "magic" a term used for the occult arts, "sorcery" is used in connection with drug usage. The Greek word translated "sorcery" is "pharmakeia" (Galatians 5:19-20) from which we get the word pharmacy. Are we overdoing artificial treatments? And are we ignoring spirits around us that could be impacting our health?

Do we cast spirits out? Do we work at maintaining a demon-free environment? (Spirits take advantage of physical weaknesses.) Do we meditate on Mary -- and what kind of a diet she had? Meanwhile, at the doctor's, do we pray that his evaluations are correct and also that there is not excessive anxiety inserted into the situation -- that only what is necessary is done?

That cancer has a spiritual component is apparent in how many cases we have seen whereby it is miraculously cured through prayer. There is no cancer that cannot be cured if God so wills -- none, no matter the severity.

The key words to good medicine and good eating are simplicity, cleanliness, and natural. The best health food: Communion. "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in ease..." We must be at ease with our bodies, minds, and surroundings.

It's important, of course, to listen to doctors, and weigh every single thing they say.

But we should accent their treatments with natural remedies.

There are countless of them. You need the right combination. They try to vilify the sun. The sun is good for you!

After all, it was God Who made the sun as well as healthy fruits and man who made the artificial processed foods and contaminants that in many cases have caused malignancy to begin with.

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