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by Jan Reagor

[The following account is from a lay minister in Montana who works under the aegis of her diocese. Please note that the "house blessing" is not to be confused with the formal blessing by a priest, nor with formal exorcism. Anyone is allowed to use Holy Water and pray for deliverance]


"Hello, is this the lady that blesses houses?" asked  the woman on the telephone.


"Yes," I said, "how can I help you?" 


"My brother told me about you," said the woman. "I think we have a ghost in our house."


That's how many of the cases we work on come to us -- by referrals from either our pastor or someone familiar with our work.


My name is Jan Reagor, and I am in healing and deliverance ministry. Within this ministry, we investigate paranormal activity in places such as homes and businesses. We not only investigate the presence of unwanted spirits, but with the help of Jesus Christ, we remove them.


Jody kept the appointment we set up, and I gathered the information needed to determine if there is a need to bless her house. We refer to the expulsion of unwanted spirits a "blessing" rather than an exorcism. That terminology is not as scary sounding for the client. 


I use this time to find out how the personís relation is with Jesus Christ. House investigations are an excellent opportunity to evangelize and share the Lordís love and salvation. Jody replied that her and her husbandís relationship with Jesus was very lacking. She was a baptized Catholic, but knew very little about her faith. He was a protestant and they were attending a church, but someone offended him. Disillusioned, they quit. Occasionally Jody would attend Mass with her mother, who also had little knowledge about her faith.


So as I began the investigation of the unwanted paranormal activity in their household, and started  education and evangelization with Jody.


She was interested and I was willing to teach her about the necessity of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ -- that she needed to progress from her parents accepting Jesus at her baptism to her own acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She eagerly prayed the commitment prayer, and began to feel better. But of course, she was concerned about the unwanted spirit in her house.


Something in the house was bothering her six-year-old special-needs daughter.


Jody said when the little girl lay down to take her afternoon nap, the mobile above her bed would begin spinning real fast, and scare the little girl, and the child  would begin to scream.


When Jody ran into the room, the mobile would be spinning erratically. The spirit made knocking sounds in the other childrenís rooms at night, and was being a real pest.



Upon arrival at the house, I took pictures outside first, then entered the house. The camera, a Sony with infrared capabilities, works very well, but there are times the unwanted spirits, usually poltergeist, drain the batteries. Then the camera quits  working, so I use an extension cord.


When I went upstairs, where the childrenís bedrooms were, the camera quit working, so I plugged in the extension cord. It still did not work, but when I drove off of their property, the camera worked again. Events like this are more evidence of paranormal activity.


The evidence was there to justify a house-blessing, so we made arrangements to do so. By bless, I mean we cast the unwanted spirits out and blessed it by refilling it with Godís good spirits. We exchange unwanted spirits for wanted spirits.


Our pastor accompanied us and offered Holy Eucharist. We prayed for all souls that may have died on the property, and any that still may be earthbound. We asked God to send His escort angels to escort them to where God wants them. We commanded all unwanted spirits to leave the property and blessed the house with a suffumigation (holy fumigation), Holy Water, Blessed Salt and Blessed Oil.


As our prayer team worked through the house, we kept an eye-out for items that are an offense to God. When a house is spiritually plagued, often it's something that is unrecognized.


We found a coffee cup, a blanket and wall hanging with the false-god, Gemini, but not one item giving recognition to Jesus Christ. We explained to the parents how offensive it is to God. The parents were not aware that Gemini is a false god and that by giving it recognition in their house, they make the false god welcome in their home. It is an offense against God by giving the attention He deserves to an entity.


Jody asked us to remove the items from their home and we did.


Several days later Jody telephoned again, in a happy voice, saying the house is so peaceful, her little girl sleeps better, nothing is being disturbed. One thing, though: the neighbor in the adjoining apartment said things were flying off of shelves and around her house the night of the blessing!


One might think this a happy end of the story. But as Paul Harvey used to say, "now for the rest of the story." Jody mentioned having severe headaches. So we set an appointment and she came into the office. As we begin to pray, she mentioned a sharp pain in her neck. I asked her to lift her long hair, and when she did, there was a tattoo of Gemini on the back of her neck!


I told her that getting a tattoo is against Godís instructions, so she asked God to forgive her.


I then put blessed oil onto the tattoo, and placed my hand over the tattoo, and began praying in tongues.


Suddenly a spirit surfaced and began to speak through her. Immediately I took authority over it, in Jesusí name, and demanded for the spirit to tell me how it got into her. It sneered and giggled, and  said, ďWhen she had an abortion.Ē


We prayed a repentance prayer for having the abortion; Jody named her baby; and we asked Jesus to receive the baby into His loving arms. Then we cast the spirit from her and she finally reached  peace!


Peace. That is the marker.

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