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That the "superstorm" is prophetic can be seen in the simple images of water flooding onto the site of the new Freedom Tower. This was "Ground Zero." Monday night, it was a series of waterfalls. It is also where President George Washington prayed for the goodness -- and protection -- of our nation (on the day of his inauguration). As in Isaiah 9:10, our response to the warning of 9/11 was to build an even taller tower, in defiance, instead of re-evaluation. And as a result, there is more to come. Just as a stranger was seen playing a trumpet eerily just beyond the barricades immediately after the September attacks, so too, now, as Hurricane Sandy approached, did a weatherman describe the wind howling through the Freedom Tower construction site as sounding like a "trumpet."

"In English, the name Sandra means- Unheeded Prophetess. A diminutive of Casirnir, Cassandra, or Catherine. In Homer's The Iliad Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. Also used as an independent name," notes a viewer.

These events are foreshadowings in the process of what is to come. Though damage is spectacular -- particularly as displayed by the news --  and as we grieve (and pray) with those who have lost relatives or property, it is not what history would accept as a "catastrophe." That word, overly used by the media, will apply to future regional events. We remain in a period of warning, but at the brink of a "crescendo." God maintains exceptional mercy. A colossal storm has lashed at the most populated part of the United States (the New York metropolitan area alone is about twenty million), and yet -- thanks to God -- "only" forty-eight so far are reported dead.

In the current cycle -- simply in accordance with the meteorological record -- the East Coast will see other ones in the near future (as it did in the first part of the last century). More hurricanes can be expected up the East Coast (as in 1938). There have been past storms that made islands at places like Ocean City, Maryland, or -- as in 1893 -- caused an island off Rockaway Beach in New York to actually vanish (this known as Hog Island -- where politicians often went to party and gamble).

That was a category-2. "Sandy" was a category-one (though huge). A true hurricane disaster for New York would mean a category-three striking about where "Sandy" did (and a thirty-foot surge).

But it was bad enough -- especially for those who (again, prayer need) suffer in darkness. We see how extremely fragile our incredibly convoluted technological infrastructure (so detached from nature) is. New York, where forty percent of pregnancies end in abortion (is there a baby in the picture, right?), was in the dark. None of us should be smug. It is irrelevant to any longer respond to protests of "coincidence." The signs continue. In the U.S., the disasters have not yet reached the scale of something such as Fukushima or the Asian tsunami. However, events are getting there. "The trials of your time now head to the crescendo of meaning, whereby to each will be shown the imperfection of the past and the need for purification of the future," said a 2010 follow-up to the 1990 prophecy we so often quote. But it indicated that before matters turn truly "chastising," there will be a singular happening. "Not until the initial event will the curtain be drawn that reveals the entirety of the plan," it said, "and even then, it will be parted only slowly, in the woes of purification."

--Michael H. Brown

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[Footnote: It is the contention of author Jonathan Cahn (The Harbinger) that the World Trade Center was attacked due to our sinfulness -- including materialism -- and that instead of humbly moving forward, America has acted as Israel did in the aforementioned passage -- that once the "bricks had fallen," and the sycamore "cut down," we defiantly vowed to rebuild bigger and stronger and taller and better than ever (precisely what transpired with construction of the Freedom Tower). Remarkably, politicians even quoted the Isaiah passage in the wake of 9/11 -- but out of context and not as a warning; rather, a vow of defiance; such vows in biblical times, says Cahn, led to more disaster. When there is no other way to get through to us, asserts the author, God lifts His hedge of protection -- as he did in ancient Israel (allowing enemies to enter).]


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