Mary, Take Over! an anointed, inspirational account of how the Blessed Mother -- as  Undoer of Knots -- should be handed our daily trials large and small as we watch her work wonders with them -- turning obstacles into miracles! This booklet is by the same group that brings us 'Mary Undoer of Knots' and though small brims with powerful examples of how the Virgin Mary can enter any situation -- can help you against any 'Goliath' -- and make things  better than ever. CLICK HERE



It's important to "cast things out." This is "spiritual warfare." Darkness. Unclean spirits. Often, before there's grace -- before a prayer is answered (before a stubborn issue, even illness, is defeated) -- we have to specifically name the problem and in the Name of Jesus command it out of us. Anger, resentment, pride, lust, gluttony, unforgiveness, jealousy (and whatever else is stopping our spirits from true cleanliness). Command wrong emotions out as spirits. Don't let them fester. Stop letting them block the Holy Spirit. Stop letting them bind and weigh you down. Instead of obsessing and hovering over the darknesses that may afflict you, clear your spirit in active prayer from your deepest part of your soul and endure with love. If you need to know how to pray from the heart, pray as you imagine Mary did at the foot of the Cross. Remember that if pride has been cast out there is no insult.

Once darkness has been cast off (to the foot of the Cross), "fill in" with the angelic. It is a true pathway to peace. Fill your house with angels. Pray for this grace room by room, nook by nook, even the closets. Fill your surroundings with the Presence of Angels -- your car(s), your workplace, your body. Don't just cast out. Fill the vacancies or spirits will return, sometimes greater in number (as Jesus warned). If there is a disturbance or lack of peace in your home, concentrate more than anything on filling each room with angels. Pray until you feel their presence. Pray until there is the real feeling that they are on the scene, and get in the habit of praying this way daily.

It brings blessings. It orients us. It clears out darkness. It prevents untold misery. It is a spiritual buffer in any circumstance. ("Then an angel appeared to Him, coming from heaven to give Him strength: Luke 22:43). Pray for the Presence of Angels remembering especially the extremely potent trio of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel the Archangel, and St. Raphael the Archangel, plus your guardians.

Angels arrive when we praise God, when we have "cast out," and when we have then "infilled" (with the Holy Spirit). They wait for us to ask.

And when they're on the scene, it's all we need! The presence of angels. Who then can conquer you? What, then, can you not conquer?

Nothing and no one is too big.

1 Samuel 17:

"David spoke to Saul: 'Let your majesty not lose courage. I am at your service to go and fight this Philistine.' But Saul answered David, 'You cannot go up against this Philistine and fight with him, for you are only a youth, while he has been a warrior from his youth.' David continued: 'The Lord, Who delivered me from the claws of the lion and the bear, will also keep me safe from the clutches of this Philistine.' Saul answered David, 'Go! the Lord will be with you.' Then, staff in hand, David selected five smooth stones from the wadi and put them in the pocket of his shepherd’s bag. With his sling also ready to hand, he approached the Philistine.'"

The rest is history: the story of David and Goliath, the way we move mountains, the way we halt persistent attacks by evil, which like smoke seeks any crack and unprotected place to enter.

 [Footnote right, above, they called it an angel: an interesting light at a prayer gathering in Cedar Falls, Iowa.]

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