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Why Iowa? Why is the Midwest "getting hit"? Can we really judge the occurrences of a region based on the natural chaos that surrounds it -- as major mystics through the ages (including those in the Bible) have stated?

One can see big cities like San Francisco or New York or Miami in the crossfires of so-called "chastisement," but the down-home farmstock places in states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa do not exactly seem to be tempting God.

Yet that's what it appears like: a very difficult winter followed by storm after storm and in Iowa a historic flood -- chasing 36,000 away from their homes and destroying corn crops across tens of thousands of acres. (And where are the bees?)

Make that millions: Land devoted to corn and soybeans will drop by as much as four million acres, by one estimate, with half a billion less barrels causing a spike in prices just as prices for everything else also seem to be spiking in what is a "perfect" storm in the economy as well.

When wondering about the Midwest, we can go with this explanation: it rains on the good and evil alike. Scripture tells us that. And weren't there -- perhaps -- signs of heavenly displeasure in California -- where wildfires precisely greeted the first homosexual marriages this week?

For your discernment.

One lesson: never try and attribute every single event to a precise cause: God works in ways that are mysterious. He knows far more in the way of personal morality than we do. And might it not be true that it isn't just abortion and pornography and generally recognized sin that brings His purifications?

For example: it is now the case that a large percentage of corn in Iowa and elsewhere in the Midwest is  genetically engineered. That, too, may be a grave sin -- and Roger Elmore, Iowa State University Extension agronomist, made the news just before the floods by making the case at a conference "that increasing the genetic yield potential of corn should be one of their first priorities."

See link at the end of this story for how huge companies -- corporations once known for toxic chemicals (such as PCBs) -- are now cornering the market in genetically-altered seed.

This is true in Iowa, Nebraska, and especially Missouri -- which seems to get hit every season by some kind of extreme weather.

Time after time.

Week after week.

More each year.

Meanwhile, there is the manipulation of humans also to consider. Noted viewer John Riedell of Metamora, Illinois: "When Iowa undid the cloning ban and 'legalized' embryonic stem-cell research, it crossed a line, as did the House here in Illinois, when it approved such research. Iowa and Illinois are meant for harvesting corn, not embryonic stem cells. Such law is government gone astray. It is the taking of human life and is akin to abortion."

The same trend is afoot in Wisconsin.

And interesting it was that on May 20 Illinois legislators were chased from their chambers by a tornado warning!

And how about this from another: "In 1952 the University of Iowa was the first hospital in the world to develop a successful method of freezing human sperm, leading to the founding of many commercial 'sperm banks' throughout the U.S."

Is God sending a message through the chaos in nature?

Is Creation in protest over its "re-creation"?

Reported the Des Moines Register: "On May 23, Syngenta and Monsanto (based in Missouri) settled a series of lawsuits filed between 2004 and 2006 over the two companies' global corn and soybean technologies.

"The agreement settled all patent, antitrust and commercial litigation between the companies and their subsidiaries, including Syngenta's antitrust lawsuit against Monsanto, patent infringement cases on herbicide-tolerant and insect-protected corn technologies and a dispute over herbicide-tolerant soybean technology."

Translation: chemical companies are genetically altering crops so such crops can survive even more chemical treatment! Too, they are trying to make car fuel out of food (ethanol).

Meanwhile, man-made levies artificially constrain the nourishing rivers as artificial fertilizers are heaped upon the landscape. It is like nature wants to bust out of bondage.

Went on the article (and we do need to read such): "In the past two years, the three global seed giants have spent millions on their central Iowa efforts. DuPont announced last year that it would invest $100 million in Pioneer (a subsidiary) and add more than four hundred positions, mainly in research and development. It marked the largest year-to-year increase in research investment and staffing in Pioneer's 82-year history.

"Like Monsanto and Syngenta, Pioneer is gearing up to bring new seed technologies to market, including drought-tolerant and insect-resistant corn and other plants that are resistant to herbicides."

The problem: pollen from genetically-modified crops wafts in the winds and can contaminate natural crops -- permanently altering the staff of life. In Mexico, there is fear that wheat -- the seeds of which are handed down through the generations -- will never be the same.

Meanwhile, in Europe, insects, birds, and other animals have avoided trees and other modified vegetation. What does that tell us? For more, see Tower of Light.

Still, for now, let us count our blessings: We are relatively carefree compared to China, which has one massive disaster after another. Where we evacuate thousands, they evacuate millions.

Last winter, countless were stranded in a record Chinese cold, then there were record storms, then floods, then a quake.

It happens each year with greater frequency -- and should be no surprise in this nation where nature is not only being destroyed but where respect for life is so low that abortion is often forced on women.

But the signs will spread. They are good signs. They are a reorientation. And science will be impotent to halt them. Will it some day recognize the obvious?

In Manhattan, Kansas, a tornado hit and numerous buildings on the Kansas State University campus were damaged -- including destruction of the famous engineering simulated wind tunnel building (where they test the strength of tornadoes).

Their research is now first-hand.

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