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We've had several accounts of Church-approved apparitions that took place at Litmanova, Slovakia -- in the obscure back country, out of earshot, yet apparitions that drew hundreds of thousands of locals, who were just emerging from the darkness of Communism. A previous article is here.

There were two main seers, Ivetka Korcakova, who heard Mary's voice, as well as saw her, and Katka Ceselkova (now Vislocky), who mainly saw the Blessed Mother. We caught up recently with Katka, who now lives on Staten Island in the U.S.

The interview:

SD: Katka, how many times did you hear the Blessed Mother, besides seeing her each month during the Litmanova apparitions in the 1990s?

Katka: Saint Mary revealed herself for five years, from the year 1990 to August,1995. At first, she revealed herself every holiday and every Sunday; after six months she began to only show herself once a month, which was after the first Friday of the month. Maryís explanation for this change was that she came to us so many times, and very few people were living by her messages. After the first Friday, almost everyone would have gone to Confession, and so their hearts would be pure. This would allow them to take her words, incorporate them into their lives, and live by them.

SD: Do you still see or hear her? If so, when and under what circumstances? What does she say or indicate? What does she now appear like?

Katka: From the last time that Mary revealed herself, August 1995, I have not seen or heard Saint Mary, but I always feel that she is with me. I feel her presence the most at Hora Zvir in Litmanova, where she revealed herself to us.

SD: What do you think was, or is, her most important message to us all?

Katka: I think that the most important thing that she asked for is to forgive and love each other, and prayer. She also asked that we would fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. In one revelation she told me this prayer: I love and therefore I repent, I love and therefore I forgive, I love and that is my peace.

SD: She seemed focused on purity. Would you consider purity the main message?

Katka: At the beginning of the revelations, we would ask Saint Mary what her name was and where she came from. She would respond, 'my name is the Immaculate Purity and I come from Heaven.' That is why she would always urge us to have pure hearts and to protect ourselves from sin. It is not always easy, but we try to be better, and so we ask God for help, we repent, and walk on the right path.

SD: How do you think she feels about our current times -- with all that is transpiring in the world and has been now for several decades?

Katka: I donít know exactly what I think, but when she came to us on this earth, she was not content with us. However, she did not come to judge us, but to help us. At the meetings with her, it was felt how much she loved us, like our mother.

SD: The Blessed Mother had some strong things to say about sin in your homeland of Slovakia. Has she mentioned the United States or anywhere else?

Katka: Saint Mary mentioned in her messages Slovakia, that Slovakia is awaiting a disaster, but if we pray it will move away. She did not mention any other countries or states, but she said that she came for everyone, not only Slovaks. She asked that many people come to Hora Zvir. The more people that would come and live by her message, the more happiness she would have.

SD: What sins in Slovakia do you think most troubled her? Where do you think things are headed in the world?

Katka: It is hard to say what I think. According to what we see that is happening around us, it is not going in the right direction, but if we believe in the power of God and the courage of Mary, there is nothing to fear.

SD:  She seemed to focus on youth?

Katka: I donít have the feeling that she focused on young people. Her message was for everyone.

SD: Would you say dozens or hundreds or thousands have reported healings through Litmanova?

Katka: Many people have been healed in Litmanova from physical illnesses, but most importantly many have turned onto the right path and were baptized [there].

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