How does evil enter us?
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Many times, when there's a problem in life, and especially with health, it's a confluence of the natural, emotional, and spiritual. This is true of illness: Spiritual forces can certainly initiate physical effects, but in many cases their role is more in exacerbating weaknesses.

Is that true of common "health" problems, such as fatigue and insomnia?

It is if you ask a former Satanist and now Catholic speaker on education and spirituality named Deborah Lipsky of Maine, who says that sometimes when we have chronic problems with sleep, "demons are trying to deliberately wear you down physically. Sleep is the time when the body rejuvenates itself. Continued disruptions in the ability to sleep peacefully places a severe drain on reasoning capabilities."

Have we not all gone through this -- the irrationality of exhaustion, particularly as we age? (One prescription: prayer and melatonin.)

Low energy levels?

"Demons are depleting your energy because their demand far exceeds the energy the human body can produce," claims Lipsky in her new and powerful book, A Message of Hope. "When medical causes are ruled out, rule in spiritual ones."

Lipsky, who has been away from Satanism for nearly twenty years, also says that we should be on the alert when we experience "sudden onset of depression or intense erratic mood swings," because the mind may be coming in contact with "pure unadulterated evil energy," in her discernment (and for ours).

Inappropriate angry outbursts with bizarre unfounded accusations can be  another marker, as may be sudden physical changes in the body -- weight loss or gain or headaches or intestinal issues or unexplained joint pain (always accent "unexplained," for much can be attributed to physiology). Ditto for frequent accidents.

An antidote? Lipsky recommends avoiding places and people who exude negativity (which she says can be contagious), and being aware of "transference": that a dark spirit around someone can become attached to you. At the first sign of that, use Holy Water, she says, and in Jesus' Name, demand that it stop. Use Blessed Salt. Pray until it feels peaceful, until you feel strong, until your home is calm, completely. And: spend time in nature.

"Take a walk by the water or through some forests or fields. Observe the wildlife be it squirrels, birds, butterflies, or flowers. See and appreciate the beauty of nature and recognize the perfection of an awesome God Who orchestrated such a beautiful Creation. Focusing on appreciation crowds out any opportunity for demons to whisper a negative thought into your head. Satan can't create, only destroy, so in nature we focus on Creation and our Creator which proves that Satan is no match for our mighty God. Appreciating the natural world also leaves us in amazement of God's power of creation and perfect balance in nature."

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