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To the mail.

First from Lana Fierst of Jasper, Indiana.

"I was attending a St. John Bosco conference last July at Franciscan University," she writes. "In between classes and before dinner I took a walk over to the the little chapel that they have on campus which is a replica of the one built by St. Francis of Assisi. Behind the chapel is this bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with her arms raised up. I snapped this picture [above] because the sun shone brilliantly through the trees and it was just amazing. I cannot figure out what that blue is in the upper left corner. When I zoomed in on it it makes me think of an angel. I'm also not sure what to make of the red orbs in the upper left corner. I sat on a bench they have there, and after snapping this picture, I took out my rosary and began to pray. It was a Thursday and I prayed the Luminous Mysteries. When I got to the last mystery I looked up at the sun and saw a red beating heart with four chambers. I was astounded! I just kept looking at it and just felt the overwhelming love of God. It was as if the Blessed Mother had her arms outstretched upward and when the beating heart appeared in the sun, it was as if she was showing me Jesus' Heart. What was also amazing was the fact that I could look directly at the sun like that and it never hurt my eyes. Someone asked why I didn't take a picture of the beating heart and I said it just did not enter my mind to do that. I felt like I was in 'another world.' I discerned through prayer that the Lord wanted me to share this experience with people one on one and to tell them that the Lord loves each of us very, very much! You always post amazing pictures on your web site Spirit Daily and I thought this was amazing and wanted to share it with you!"

We also heard from Ray Seanz in Corpus Christi, Texas where, God-willing, we plan a retreat in February. It had to do with a couple articles we had recently about the spiritual side of pets.

Is it possible that animals have missions? (For our discernment.)

"My wife and I had trouble conceiving," related Ray. "We prayed the Rosary every day adding all of our intentions especially for a baby and good employment. The job we prayed for happened, thank God. We also knew it would entail me working shift work. So, I bought my wife a Chihuahua to keep her company when I worked nights. We named him Pee-wee. The two became inseparable. Months turned into years and still we had no baby in our lives. We begged our Blessed Mother -- and after seven years of marriage the first of our three miracle babies was born! We had Pee-wee for three years before our first baby came. Our daughter was about eight months old when Pee-wee suddenly disappeared. We searched our neighborhood and even placed a lost-dog ad in the local paper. It was almost three weeks into Pee-wee's absence when we made a decision: We asked our Blessed Mother, during our Rosary, if she would only allow us to say good-bye to Pee-wee. This would help mend our broken hearts.

"The very next day a man called with a description of Pee-wee and returned him home to us the following day. We were ecstatic! Unfortunately, Pee-wee was only home two days when he slipped outside and a car hit and killed him in front of our home. My wife was inconsolable. She called me at work crying and heartbroken. We buried Pee-wee and thanked God and our Blessed Mother for the wonderful companion and friend we had in Pee-wee. He had consoled us as we cried and suffered for a baby and kept security watch when I worked nights.

"When our baby arrived Pee-wee's job was complete and he came home to say his final good-bye to his family."

Most touching was a note sent to us by Lisa Boudreaux of Hammond, Louisiana. It is another account of light -- albeit a different form.

As it happens, Lisa lost a daughter, Beth Marie, to a tragic car accident in 2009.

Since that time, however, God in His mercy has showered upon her family countless graces.

To wit: battery-operated candles set on the young woman's grave last vastly longer than what is advertised. One was listed with a battery life of seventy-five hours went from All Souls' Day to Christmas Day.

To the left is a photo taken of Beth Marie sixty-five days before she died.

In another case, there was a "little" miracle that involved a Scapular.

"My youngest son, Boo, had a baseball game in North Louisiana," Lisa shares with us. "He was leaving the next day, and I was leaving the following day. I was repeating to Boo to get serious about God. I was trying to be sure that he prayed. After we had our little talk and he was leaving, he wanted my Brown Scapular (which I wear around my neck). The Brown Scapular is a beautiful gift that Blessed Mother has given to us. Boo wanted mine. I gave it to him.

"I searched my home mightily that night hunting for another, but I found none. The next day I did not get a chance to go get another one for me and that evening, I had the most beautiful prayer time. I was walking near our farm and I was able to say all of my 'daily' prayers and thus I began praying for others by town (towns made it easier for me to remember who to pray for).

"At some point I was so exhausted from walking for quite some time, I actually said to God something like, 'Jesus, I am tired now. But, it would be so great if You could let me find a Brown Scapular tonight.'

"Well, I went home and had honestly forgotten about my prayer request to find a Brown Scapular in my home. So, I began to pack for the trip to North Louisiana. I was going to be staying with my in-laws in their RV, so I did not want to pack a big, heavy suitcase.

"As I was looking for a light suitcase, I came across Beth's college backpack.

"I decided to use it.

"Inside of her backpack was an daily calendar-notebook. And guess what was in that: yes, a Brown Scapular!

"Ok ... well ... back to the candle. It was a Christmas miracle. A light from a 75-hour battery lasted more than 1,300 hours, November 1 to December 25, 2013.

"Jesus is the Light of the world."

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