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I just read your headline article today, Friday Oct 11th, on, 'Indications of Chastisements Have Come'.... and I felt that I should share a picture that we received while in Medjugorje last week.  We came with a dear priest friend and other pilgrims from his family, his parish and our parish where he was an associate pastor for a few years before being reassigned as a pastor at another growing area in our state. 

My husband and I felt called back to Medjugorje by Our Lady after 25 years! August 15th, 1988 was the time period we last were there as a family with other friends with some of their children and we were also guardians of another teen then too. Our Lady had then announced it was the 'Year of the Youth'! This time we were pleasantly surprised when our two daughters-in-law asked if they could go with us! On Wednesday evening, October 2, (2013), after a music and healing talk with an Irish man named David Parks, we decided to walk and see the statue of the 'Risen Christ.'  I had not seen it yet and it was always very crowded when we were near it from a distance, so we thought it being sometime around 10:30-11:15 p.m., maybe there wouldn't be as many people at this time?  We still had to wait about twenty minutes or so and everyone was prayerful and when it was our turn my husband touched his hand to the part of the leg/knee where a watery substance came and he made the Sign of the Cross on my forehead and said a few prayers and asked for my healing.  I have had crippling rheumatoid arthritis since I was twenty-seven years old and I am now sixty. My feet are quite twisted and a mess and I have other infirmities which I offer to Jesus and Mary to do with as they wish for we are Consecrated to Her.  To Jesus through Mary.

After this and after our daughter in laws blest themselves with this watery substance dripping from Our Lord's leg/knee we proceeded to walk back and catch a taxi back to our home where we were staying. On the way I wanted to stop and view the beautiful luminous mystery of the Rosary mosaic artwork that was built near the 'Risen Christ' statue. They are magnificent and the first one we stopped at was the last mystery, 'The Institution of the Holy Eucharist'.  I stopped and pondered it and prayed and unbeknownst to me, my one daughter-in-law went on to the fourth mystery and took a picture of us. Not the cement/mosaic artwork, but my husband, myself and our other daughter-in-law looking at the artwork. Then the three of us walked over to the next mystery and my daughter-in-law then showed me that she took a picture of us while we were viewing that Fifth Mystery and she said, 'Mom, what is this?'  I walked over to look at what she took and she pointed to what I thought was an image of the moon in between me and my other daughter in law.  I said, 'Oh what a beautiful moon!'  I looked up where we had just been standing and saw no moon!  I looked back at the camera and saw the image again and looked up at the sky where she took the picture and there was no moon, no lamp, no nothing! We searched the sky and there was no moon present nor anything that even resembled this image!  We looked at each other and she started to cry, because she realized she was given this as a gift.  I took the camera and said let's zoom in on this image and see if anything transpires and low and behold the image was the Host!  I saw the round border around the Host and a Cross in the middle and also the Face and Shoulders of Christ. We were stunned!

The next day our daughter in law went to show our priest. She was a bit tentative to show him since a few days before he had mentioned how we don't need signs and we shouldn't look for them etcetera. And we all agreed and we weren't looking for anything. This just happened! So she showed him the picture she took and what showed up on it and he was thrilled and so surprised and he saw Our Lady of the Eucharist inside the host with her hands out stretched!  People saw different things inside this same picture!  Now if that wasn't enough to get our attention then the next day I did the Stations of the Cross with father and other pilgrims who could not or did not have the desire to go up Cross Mountain. I was in a lot of pain during making these stations and afterwards one of father's sweet sisters let me hang on to her arm and we proceeded to go a short way to have a bit of lunch and relax and chat together. I felt better and a few of the gals wanted to shop for just 10-15 minutes, because we needed to get back to the home we were staying at. They wanted to pick up a few pictures at a video store they heard about and so I went with and bought a couple 5x7's and we were off.

When we got back home one of the gals showed me a picture she bought and it was of Pope Francis with an image next to the left of his head?  I looked at it closely and was surprised to see it was the exact same image that my daughter in law took the night before!  It was the Host.  I believe I've seen this picture circulating and I think you may even have had it on your site some months back?  

After reading your article today, and the mentioning an 'orb' being seen by the 'Risen Christ' by a couple of people and then Ned Dougherty talking about Adoration and the Eucharist I felt compelled to share this picture and how it came about, with you. I have felt from my first time in Medjugorje back in Oct/Nov 1986 that Our Lady was there to lead us to Her Son in the Eucharist!  And I have felt for all these years deep within my heart and soul that the Eucharist will play a major role in the times ahead and is part of a promised healing for me as well.  God Keeps His Promises, but in His Time. My husband and I look forward to coming to your talk/retreat in Charlotte, North Carolina in December. 

This same daughter-in-law took other pictures, one of which is exactly like the one you have on the page to sign up for the Charlotte talk/retreat. The sun with the red orbs/hearts around it!  My other daughter in law had a large cyst on her ovary that needed to be removed. She had an ultrasound taken a few weeks before we left for Medjugorje and the doctor said he would look at it again when she got back to make a decision about when to remove it. It was causing her a lot of pain. She went to the doctor two days after us getting back and he took another ultrasound, and it was completely gone!  He said, 'Wow! It's gone! I don't know how that happened? But that's amazing and so now we don't have to do surgery!' Just thought I'd share that with you too. Praise God! For He is Good and His Mercy is Everlasting .

--Barb Morris, Greenville, South Carolina

(Six pictures are below)


Below, picture is taken by my daughter in law, where Fr. Slavko Barbaric passed

away.  Seems to be glowing.


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