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The Sensation Of Tranquility Means The Spirit Is In Balance And Healing Can Begin

By Michael H. Brown

The body and spirit are far more closely connected than we usually realize. What goes on in the spirit directly affects us -- manifests in many ways. Usually we think of the two as distinctly separate, but the connection is completely intertwined. And it is the spirit that transcends and directs the physical. More simply put: all of the brain is in the mind but not all of the mind (spirit) is in the brain. 

So it is that if there are defects, shortcomings, or taints in the spirit, these can physically materialize. 

Hard of heart? Maybe that can add to arteriosclerosis. Tense of mind? That adds to hypertension. The day will come when we realize that many diseases, even cancer, can originate spiritually.

This is not to say that all such illness have a spiritual base (chemicals and germs can make us sick through sheer physical etiology), but it is to say that a spiritual blotch, a taint of mind -- or the presence of evil -- often leads to illness.

Your spirit flows in and around you -- organizes your physical entity -- and thus it is a healing of this spirit that often must precede a physical cure.

When we are not healed in the spirit, when blocks remain, so are there blocks to healing. The physical is a reflection of the spiritual. Such blockages may be due to emotional disorders, occult contamination, sin we have not purged, or something we have failed to forgive. Unforgiveness causes many illnesses -- as do jealousy, hatred, and anxiety.

We develop blocks in our spirits -- darkness -- and through prayer must remove them. As one famous healing priest notes, "Most of us are aware of the necessity of prayer and Scripture for a good healthy spiritual life. Those who break these spiritual laws suffer."

Prayer gives us harmony and balance, which are felt in peace, and when we are tranquil our spirits are affecting us positively. Scripture tells us that God grants peace to those in His favor, and that favor includes healing. A pure, balanced spirit is your best bet against cancer, heart problems, diabetes, allergies, infections, arthritis, and innumerable other ailments. The spirit bolsters our immune systems. The spirit heals our wounds. It is also the spirit that informs us as to what we need nutritionally. The body is far too complex for us to understand, and medical information is often contradictory. First we are told that something is good for us (milk, cheese, meat, coffee, wine, vitamins) and then that it is not so good and then that it is good again.

The reason for that medical confusion is that we don't fully understand the human body -- perhaps never will -- and to complicate matters, every body is individual and thus different. The only One Who truly understands is the Holy Spirit -- and the only source that fully knows your body is the spirit that directs it.

So it is that when we pray we need to include prayers of guidance as to what we should eat or even how we should lose weight and the Spirit -- through our minds -- will answer. This is not to say that such problems do not also come from the simple process of aging. No one lives forever! There are also crosses in life. But often we bring such ailments upon ourselves and thus have to deal with them at a spiritual level.

The Holy Spirit will instruct you on what supplements or dietary changes you need and will also bring you toward balance. Health equals balance which is harmony with God -- and God is health itself!

If we have been exposed to evil, this evil, in whatever way it came near us, must be purged or it can manifest as illness. As we said last week, Christ often cast out demons before he healed a person. How do these spirits attach to us? Through illicit sex, the occult, anger, and sin. Sin grants evil a legitimate claim on part of our spiritual territory and can then manifest in the physical. Goodness and prayer, on the other hand, cleanse our spirits. Prayer gives us peace. And this (the sensation of tranquility, which means the spirit is in balance) is when true healing begins.

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