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Find Who You Really Are And You Will No Longer Be Hurt By The Arrows Of Others

We have spoken often in this space about the importance of being who we really are.

But how can we tell? How do we know when we are being the true person God wants us to be?

One way is that the arrows of others bounce off of you!

When we're the person God wants us to be, a security forms around us.

It doesn't matter what others say or think. It doesn't matter what they do.

We have the security of a knowing that transcends earthly knowledge.

The seer Maria Esperanza frequently emphasized how important it is to be "natural." What she meant is that we have to be in tune with the real person beneath the earthly facade. We must be free to be ourselves. We must be free in the Lord.

When we are, there is a wall, a bubble of protection, that shields us from the assaults of the enemy -- who seeks tirelessly to hide our true selves from us.

What he wants is for us to be something other than what God formed!

That's because the real person in you is part of the Lord's Grand Plan.

God formed us all and only when we are who He formed us to be (and are on the mission He set for us) do we find peace, satisfaction in life (no matter what we do), and happiness.

There you have the barometers!

The real person is the one who is humble, who is compassionate, who is unselfish. The real person is the one who is in deep prayer. This is the real, good you. The real person is the one who looks back from the mirror when you are closest to God.

Peace and a sense of well-being let you know if you are being who are you meant to be -- if you are on the path He set for you when He knitted you in the womb. Little else matters! Have you fought to be who He designed or sought a worldly persona? Have you let God or the world define you?

Too often, we go through the trials of this planet striving to be someone we are not; we form an ideal superficial image and try to attain that. We become the creator.

And so we find frustration. There are roadblocks. We are easily hurt by others.

Do you try to define yourself with hair styles, with new clothes, with jewelry? Do you yearn for a luxury car because you believe a luxury car will bring you to the station in life you should be? Do you think a new wardrobe, a new fur, a new home, or a second home, or a new job, or a trip to Paris, would bring you closer to the person you want to be, and the person you want others to see?

Be truthful. And ask this also:

Do you ever let others define you? Can your day be ruined by what someone says, what others think of you?

If you seek to be the real you -- the person God made -- the arrows of the world, the slights, the insults, the lack of appreciation -- no longer matter.

The insults bounce off.

Think about this: nothing others think matters when you are who you really are!

You can spray or fluff your hair, you can dye it, you can drive a new car.

None of these things will bring out the "real you" -- despite the hype of the world.

Forget all the advertising.

Push your eyes from the billboards.

That is the devil's game.

Emulate Joseph. Emulate Mary. Follow them and find the deep wellspring of the Lord gushing inside your spirit (and around you)!

Who am I , Lord? Let me live my life as the one You made. Form me according to Your Will -- only Your Will, Lord!

Never, ever, mind what others think of you.

Go through each day wondering only what God thinks of you -- not your neighbors, not your beautician, not the competitor -- and your life will blossom like a flower that reaches upward blooming always.


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