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In Tanzania a woman who had been trying to get pregnant for over ten years gives birth to twins.

In the Dominican Republic, through a word of knowledge, a man suffering from cancer of the vocal chords is healed.

In Zimbabwe, through a word of knowledge, a lady with a festering surgical wound she's had for years is healed -- immediately.

In Uganda, a witch repents and gives her life to Jesus.

These are some of the miracles effected through the ministry of charismatic Floridian author Maria Vadia, who cites a central reason for all the success: "no more victim mentality!" This is what happens when we move forward with diligence and prayer instead of feeling sorry for ourselves (which is a tremendous waste of time).

"We are more than conquerors!" writes Vadia in a new book, citing (Romans 8:37).

"What does this mean ["conquerors"]?

"That we are meant to overcome everything that comes against us:

"Every trial, every difficulty, every attack from the enemy, is not meant to destroy us; we are meant to overcome them."

The more we pray, the more we see; the more we see, the more faith grows. It's why there were so many miracles in the early Church. Faith was fresh then. It is just as fresh today when we take sufficient time to pray.

Some suffering may be sent to purify. Some may be "redemptive": We purge our sins, as well, perhaps, as those of our lineage. We unite our suffering as a sacrifice for the world. This can be very true. Saints have shown as much.

But it is also true that much suffering results from the enemy -- and thus can be overcome! A spirit is cast out and a demoniac can hear (Matthew 9:32).

We are not helpless. How many did Jesus heal who came to Him? Everyone. When He spoke of carrying our crosses, notes Vadia, perhaps He was referring chiefly to persecution.

"It is not a begging voice but a spoken command," notes Vadia in No More Orphans. "Just recently in Australia in a healing service, we saw many healings as we simply released with authority the healing that is our mandate and part of our inheritance in Christ.

"A lady with a walker who had two hip replacements and was unable to walk properly for several years received her healing. The pain in her hip joints left and she walked without the walker for the first time in years! As she walked back and forth, she wept as her walking became stronger and stronger! The next morning she came to the conference without the walker. A man who had serious knee problems for years received a major healing in both knees and to show everyone the healing he was doing 'squats'!

"Another man suffering for years with lower back problems got healed and could bend down without pain.

"Our perspective needs the change!" says Vadia. "We are not spectators; we are not poor, little orphans, abandoned and powerless; we are children of the Most High God, redeemed out of the hands of the enemy to make a difference on this planet."

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