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Enter Archive 'Earth Summit' Resurrects Concern With 'Dead Head' And A Single World Religion

By Michael H. Brown

We have mixed feelings on the current "earth summit" and equally mixed feelings on the environment -- two causes that have been hijacked, unfortunately, by the New Age. We say "unfortunately" because there is virtually no doubt that the earth is in need of urgent protection -- and that the Lord never intended us to abuse His gift of resources. The Pope and other Vatican officials have repeatedly called for attention to what is rightly seen as both an environmental and spiritual crisis. 

We are literally throwing resources away and poisoning each other. 

That we would use something for a few minutes and then toss into a heap -- where it may take decades to break down, if it does break down -- is a great sin of modern times. So are the many who have been sickened by the toxic ingredients. I have seen it for myself: there are thousands suffering severe maladies. To risk the health of  a fellow human in order to fatten a corporation's bottom line makes Enron pale by comparison.

Make no mistake, the world, especially the West, needs to drastically reorder its priorities.  

But there are now almost equal concerns that this noble cause has fallen into the wrong hands. The Earth Summit in Johannesburg -- a meeting of representatives from  30 nations -- has had the flavor, as did a similar 1992 conference in Rio, of globalization and this is what I mean by danger. Unity is good but when it heads in a direction that could strip nations of their sovereignty or when it seeks to establish a global religion -- one based on reverence for the planet, instead of Judeo-Christianity -- it leaves the way open for too much power in unchristian hands.

We are not called to paranoia but we are called to vigilance and it is only prudent to make sure the world is not controlled by a handful of men. There are two ways the environment could be and perhaps already is being used to do this: by uniting governments under the notion that pollution knows no boundaries (necessitating the need for international government) and by establishing a common international "eco-spirituality" that moves everything in the direction of one world religion.

At the essence of this is often a reverence of Mother Earth and the elements, which is also foundational to witchcraft. Indeed, kicking off the Earth Summit conference last Sunday was a special opening ceremony that included a dance using what one reporter described as "occult symbolism and worshipping the earth, wind, fire and water."

This globalization of pagan-style worship is being promoted by the United Nations. In the early 1990s, when I first started looking into this issue, the U.N. was already pursuing an eco-spiritual program that was mailing thousands of churches suggestions for Sunday sermons! 

Our modern-day prophets frequently warn about the U.N., the European Union, and other entities that make the world more prone to one-world rule, and I believe they have a legitimate worry. The spiritual feeling at the United Nations is almost tangible. I once recited the Rosary in its lobby while waiting for an appointment and I was surprised by the spiritual resistance. I also recall the prophecies of a Croatian-born Canadian, Zdenko "Jim" Singer -- who claimed he may have been warned in 1993 about the U.N. during apparitions of the Lord, Who he believes referred to the international agency as "this dead head which now lives again in that city by the ocean" (see also Revelation 17:8). 

Is this all paranoid? Or overly apocalyptic? Is it all about an "anti-Christ"?

It isn't time to get paranoid. No. It's not like world government can take over in a matter of minutes. But it is a troubling, unchecked trend.  A few months ago, we ran a story on another prophecy, the one we refer to as the "1990 prophecy." We are usually careful with such revelations, but there is little doubt that elements have come to pass, and, if true, the message had aspects that may serve as a major warning for the future. We submit it for your consideration. It's up to your own discernment. As we said, elements have come to pass, but tucked away in this prophecy was also a stark and perplexing sentence. "The seat of Satan in America," said the prophecy, after warning of the other events, "is north of San Francisco."

We note that the U.N. was officially born in 1945 at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. We also note the speculation of some that "north of San Francisco" alluded to the Presidio, federal property in the northern part of San Francisco (where world leaders currently hold globalization conferences).

Once more, we caution against reading too much into a situation, which can tend toward paranoia -- or at least overly conspiratorial thinking. More likely, the prophecy, if valid, was alluding to the various societal evils, from drugs to rebellion and free sex, that have been born in northern California (from Santa Cruz and Haight-Asbury to Berkeley, which is just northeast of San Francisco).

But once more: it is a time of vigilance. One-world government, or a "new world order," is a legitimate concern, and it can form quickly under the banner of eco-spirituality. We should all seek to love each other, and we should protect what God has given us. True environmentalism is a holy cause. But in the wrong hands, it can also be a quick route toward one world; a way to introduce earth worship; a way to place too much power into the wrong hands.

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