My Descent Into Hell  An incredible interview with Howard Storm Now a Protestant minister, Storm recounts his death in 1985 and terrifying journey with demonic entities toward the netherworld. This is the first part of a blockbuster interview by Mary Lou McCall under the direction of Archbishop Philip Hannan. (Note: DVD has both video 1 and 2) CLICK HERE



Think every thought as if others can hear it.

One day, they will. It's good practice for eternity.

In Heaven, thoughts are heard.

There's no need for movement of lips. Questions are answered instantly – almost before they are asked. “It was astonishing, the speed with which I was learning,” said a woman named Elane who is frequently cited by two researchers of near-death experiences. “Knowledge that had somehow slumbered deep in my soul was released, and I was extremely exhilarated by the reawakened knowledge.

“Light and knowledge were flowing into me from every direction.

“I could feel it. Every part of my body was reverberating with the light gushing in. Even my fingertips were receptors of light and knowledge. It was as if I were drinking from a fully-engaged fire hydrant.”

There is total communication. Pure knowledge – pouring in. Suddenly, everything makes sense. In one study, a third of those with near-death brushes had the experience of knowledge that seemed to pour from God.

“His Light began to fill my mind, and my questions were answered even before I fully asked them,” noted a woman from Seattle. “His Light was knowledge. It had power to fill me with all truth. As I gained confidence and let the light flow into me, my questions came faster than I thought possible, and they were just as quickly answered.”

 And the other senses?

“I could hear, as I had never heard in my life before,” another woman told a researcher. “I could hear the soft whisper of winds in the trees below me. I could hear the ripple and tinkle of many running waters. I could hear the distant shouts of children at play, and the joyous barking of a dog. I could hear the singing of many birds in the trees below. I had not heard the singing of birds for many years.”

Such is the awakening; such is the connection. In the spirit, they could "taste" sounds and "hear" colors. They could see every molecule o everything around.

We are spirits who connect with the Holy Spirit.

On earth, we are connected (and affected) in ways we don’t see. There is energy – spiritual energy – all around us. Words and thoughts carry an actual force. In Japan a scientist claims to have found that crystals of water react to prayer, music, and even the ambience created by words. He said he saw astounding results as water crystals formed beautifully when they were in the presence of people praying or classical music but malformed and ugly when tension was in the vicinity (or if there was heavy-metal music).

In spirit, we will see this.

When people act out of their greed, they emit an energy that serves to destroy the harmony within nature, while saying “thank you” – being grateful -- has the opposite effect.

An atmosphere of gratitude results in the highest brilliance.

Gratitude is a form of love.

[resources: adapted from Michael Brown's bestseller, The Other Side; see also: Return from Tomorrow]

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