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Many of those who have brushes with death do so and then return to this world of deception. They put a psychic spin on what has occurred. They fall in traps of arcane religions. They believe, many do, and falsely, in reincarnation. The testimony is powerful and the devil is ready to throw a wrench into it (if it is not from a New Age source to begin with).

We do judge from "fruits." For most, the fruits have been profound spiritual advancement – at least in the way of love.

That much is good. We take the good from any mystical event and leave the rest. It says this in the New Testament. We test the spirits [I John 4:1]. The brush with death often transforms the person into a mystic of sorts and there are events reported on the deathbed that match the mysticism of famous persons such as Saint Padre Pio. But there is also deception. There are suspect near-death episodes. There are many spiritual teachings that seem illuminated but that have a troubling undercurrent. One enormously popular "course" about miracles originated with a woman who later denounced the inspiration on her deathbed (she claimed to be hearing the Voice of Jesus) and suffered what one priest described as a "black hole of depression."

Behind the "light" can be the shining dark. 

And so we are careful that all fits with Scripture and is backed by the sacraments.

We must be covered with the Precious Blood of Jesus – which both protects and sanctifies.

The truth is known when the conscience is clear and the conscience is made clear when we go to Confession. It is very important to avail ourselves of what Christ left us when He told us to eat His body and drink His blood. This is unity with Him before we actually see His light. 

Yet we must keep an open mind in a world that is so often mysterious.

“My guardian angel was dressed in a pure white robe and seemed kind of transparent,” testified one person. “I noticed my body was very different as on earth. It lacked nothing, no pain or limitations, just perfect. I became particularly interested in the robe I was wearing. I glowed and my whole body seemed to emit light that made me also kind of transparent. There were countless people there, all dressed in white robes; some were walking in the garden. Others were flying through the air at incredible speed. All around was just happiness in its purest form.

“Suddenly, I thought of some people back on earth that died during my childhood. They were all in our church. I thought that if what we teach there back on earth is true then they should all be here in heaven. I was thinking of a lady that was incredibly happy on earth, and I was certain that she should be around here. Out of the blue before I could finish my thought there she was walking past me, only ten times happier. I just thought of the particular person and right there they appear in front of me. Then I became so amazingly joyful because they are all here safe and sound and seemed incredibly happy.”

The idea that we will encounter fantastic light in the company of a guide parallels an account taken from no less than Venerable Bede, the famous English monk who was born in the seventh century and recorded the account of “a man already dead” who “returned to bodily life and related many notable things that he had seen, some of which I have thought valuable to mention in brief.”

The holy monk then went on to quote the man, who lived in the country of the Northumbrians, as saying: “A handsome man in a shining robe was my guide, and we walked in silence in what appeared to be a northeasterly direction. As we traveled onward, we came to a very broad and deep valley of infinite length. He soon brought me out of darkness into an atmosphere of clear light, and as he led me forward in bright light, I saw before us a tremendous wall which seemed to be of infinite length and height in all directions.

“As I could see no gate, window, or entrance in it, I began to wonder why we went up to the wall. But when we reached it, all at once – I know not by what means – we were on top of it. Within lay a very broad and pleasant meadow. Such was the light flooding all this place that it seemed greater than the brightness of daylight or of the sun’s rays at noon.”

The “guide” then told this man: “You must now return to your body and live among men once more; but, if you will weigh your actions with greater care and study to keep your words and ways virtuous and simple, then you will win a home among these happy spirits you see.”

Did not John try to grant us a preview in Revelation:

"Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne was standing in Heaven, and One sitting on the throne. And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads."

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