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When Someone Aggravates You, Drink Not Of That Poison But Step To Victory

By Michael H. Brown

Don't let people contaminate you. Forget about being offended. Forgive in every situation and you'll find freedom. Don't drink the poison. As soon as you do, the enemy has you.

Isn't this true? Haven't you noticed that when you accept an insult, or even something that wasn't meant as an insult, but that bothered you, it pollutes your day?

It's like dye. A single drop can fog or discolor a big glass of fresh water!

It's also like a weed. When we let the seed of a dandelion take root, it's difficult to get rid of -- but when we immediately brush away that seed, it has no time to take hold.

The same is true with how others treat us. It's always better to believe the best about another and excuse a slight, which may be unintentional, or just the product of someone's personality. Whatever the case, the important rule is that love sees beyond insults. It covers over faults. It transcends aggravation.

The test of life is responding to everything with patience. Whew! Easier said than done. Perhaps the key spiritual rule here is stepping back. Anytime we are met by a challenge -- especially something that seeks to provoke us -- the wise thing is to take a step back, remain as aloof as possible from immediate emotion, and consign it all to the Holy Spirit. Pray until you have proper distance.

It doesn't come naturally. It's something we have to pray for. "Stepping back" is discipline, and discipline is the key to many spiritual challenges. Discipline yourself not to react automatically. Pray for that and it will happen.

Tough? Yes. When we get aggravated we want to give people a piece of our minds. And sometimes they deserve it! But when we do so we hurt ourselves -- whereas forgiveness, immediate forgiveness, brings us contentment. All it takes is a little poison to ruin your day, so decide not to let that happen.

Christ will help you. He will justify you. In God's own time, justice will be served.

In the meantime, keep the stream pure. We heard a preacher admonish this the other day: Don't drink the tainted water that the enemy sends. He wants to lure you into aggravation. He wants to taint you. Aggravate him. Reject negativity. When you do that, the enemy flees.

Sept 2004

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