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Wars, Tremors, And SARS Serve As What Prophecy

Describes as 'Pre-Warnings'

By Michael H. Brown

We have been saying for some time that what the world is currently encountering are "pre-warnings." By that we mean incidents that do not quite bloom into the mega-events anticipated by certain prophecies but rather provide a foretaste or sample of what may be looming.

Such has been the case with major storms that have caused widespread effects but that have mercifully spared us from truly large casualties. Such was even the case with September 11 -- which (had the terrorism involved a radiological bomb) could have been far worse. The same also has been true of recent wars. As we stated, we didn't think Iraq would be a major event in and of itself, and was not even really a "war" so much as a military strike. We are more concerned with how it may serve as a forerunner. Let's face it, we have seen an extraordinary run of events, from Hurricane Andrew and the Loma-Prieta quake to recent tremors. Do we not note how since 9/11 they have come one after another? That's because in His mercy, God allows us to get a glimpse of what may be coming on a much greater scale (and what we can do to prevent it).

The most recent example of a "pre-warning" has been SARS -- the virus that now seems to be under control in most countries but that could have flared into a global pandemic. It still could -- although we are more prone to believe that it is the forerunner of a much greater epidemiological threat if mankind does not convert and pray away such disturbances.

This was specifically warned about in a book of prophecy called Sent To Earth: "It wasn't the end-game yet, but there were dangerous germs, staph infections that were even spread in hospitals. At the Centers of Disease Control is the famous level-four bio-containment unit, a laboratory so dangerous that it was entered only by scientists wearing what looked like spacesuits, a lab that contained samples of Ebola. And that wasn't even the major concern. According to Dr. Joseph E. McDade, deputy director of the CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases, the great threat to the world was from an epidemic of influenza. In Hong Kong a strain found in chickens had jumped to humans, causing international alarm. 'If that virus ever acquired the ability for rapid transmission from person to person -- and it mutates very fast -- if that virus had taken off, there was absolutely no underlying immunity anywhere in the world because nobody had ever been exposed to the particular virus strain and there was no vaccine available,' he said. It had the potential for a pandemic much like the 1918 influenza that killed 20 to 30 million people worldwide."

That was written in the late 1990s but is a pretty good summary of why public officials like those at the World Health Organization (WHO) responded with great urgency to the SARS outbreak. Anything less would have been irresponsible. SARS is precisely what experts have been fretting about. It is their Armageddon. And epidemics have been indicated in prophecies from the Old Testament right up to the Blessed Mother at LaSalette.

Seer Maria Esperanza issued a similar warning in the 1990s. Something is coming, she warned; something for which there would be refuge only in the Immaculate Heart. Something that with prayer can be prevented, or at least lessened.

"Before AIDS appeared Our Lady told me, pray, pray, pray, because an illness is going to be discovered, and there won't be a cure at the beginning, but after they will find a way so that the virus will be contained. And now Mary told me another sickness will come, that the person will only last for a month. There are rare sicknesses emerging that have not been seen before," said Esperanza in a book called The Bridge To Heaven -- even alluding to the case of "a new virus that causes bronchial pneumonia" (very similar to what we now see with SARS).

Our own "prophecy": We will see various forms of purification as the situation in the world heightens -- intensifies -- over the next decade and epidemics will be among them. Whether or not SARS turns out to be a major event, it has granted us a preview of what disease can do -- how a relatively few cases can all but destroy the economy of a place like Toronto. We use the term "pre-warning" because at Medjugorje it is indicated that events on a larger scale will come as the "warnings" themselves.

Watch for these. Watch the "little" storms, the "little" hurricanes," the "little" quakes.

One day soon, they may not be so little.

written prior to 2003

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