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Too often we react in retrospect. The damage is done. Heart problems. Cancer. Where is the prophetic healing?

We need to anticipate. The Holy Spirit does this for us. He sees and guides. He helps us stay ahead of the game.

What is "prophetic healing"?

Prophetic healing is praying to gird ourselves against that which may afflict us in the future (or may be in an incipient stage). It is to strengthen. Each cell can be girded by the Holy Spirit against insult from chemicals, from viruses, from accident. It is to shield.

It is to envelope.

It is to put the body in harmony with the spirit.

Otherwise, the terrain around us is capricious (and, too often, deadly).

Think about it: there are thousands of ways that we can meet our demise and this makes it all the more important that we pray before anything takes root, that we buffer ourselves, that we ask the Holy Spirit each day to touch any part of us that needs to be touched and to guide us as far as what we should eat and how we should live and how we should protect ourselves against any eventuality (especially those we don't expect). In this fashion can you rest assured!

You can be protected against anything. Call it preventative prayer medicine. Call it a spiritual vaccine.

Another way of saying it is that we should pray for the minor  miracles. Ask for general health and also for protection against prominent ailments (arthritis, diabetes). Be specific. Be encompassing. See not with the eyes of the world, which are the eyes of fear.

A minor miracle is when the Lord intervenes before something becomes a crisis -- before it necessitates a major miracle.

Move the mountain before it is Everest.

We must pray not in retrospect but proactively. Move forward in faith. Nip it in the bud. Don't let fear take hold of you. Consider God your real doctor. St. Catherine of Siena (who is honored this week) did that. There are prayers that ask this saint's patronage -- as well as that of others -- against bodily ills, against miscarriages, against fire, and against general sickness. Your angel is also at the ready (just waiting to be asked).

Pray aggressively -- with an ardent heart -- against anything that may come in a negative fashion and you'll be enveloped in power. That means praying with faith. If it's God's Will (and most often it is), you'll gain special protection. There is endless power in prayer (when it replaces anxiety) and there are prayers that are cancer-killers. We see this week how an English Cardinal named Newman has been cited for the miracle cure of a living Massachusetts man.

"Lying in a hospital bed after surgery on his spine, unable to walk and in agonizing pain, Jack Sullivan propped himself up on elbows and prayed," reports a newspaper. "Not to some vast, unknowable god, but to a specific figure in the Catholic Church, vastly respected, yet mortal: Cardinal John Henry Newman, an Englishman who died in 1890. The healing, as Sullivan tells it, was almost immediate. He felt a tingling all over, was flooded with warmth, and, as easy as that, he could walk."

That's a major miracle. Never discount it! How many more "minor" ones are there?

The Spirit vivifies our cells. It controls the molecules. It can rearrange anything if it is the Will of God because it is empowered by Him. Little miracles of vivification eventually become a big one.

Healthy food? Exercise? That's all good. But we can get a bit carried away, trying to follow all the advice. Keep it simple and keep it powerful and take every cell and tissue and organ of your body to the Blessed Mother for shielding under her veil.

She'll take you in turn to her Son -- Who sees every cell in your body in less than a glance and brings you into the harmony and health and fearlessness of Heaven.

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