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Do you know when to "ignore" others? Can you shut off what other people think (especially when it's unfair)? Or are you bogged down in the thought processes of others?

Hopefully not. You can become a slave to telepathy!

Let God define you, not humans.

What about the word, "ignore." It sounds so harsh. Is it?

Recently, an inspired priest kept using that word during his homily. He was preaching about how we often have to simply ignore evil that is internal or external, intentional or unintentional, and let's extend that to those who seek to control us (and who oppress us as a result).

Are there people like that in your life? Do you have friends or co-workers or relatives who have the wrong impression of you or want to control or shape you or enter your life in a way that's not in God's plan?

This frequently occurs: people even seek to become members of immediate families and use guilt as the way of infiltrating -- making you feel wrong when you don't allow them a certain closeness because that level of closeness feels uncomfortable.

But hear this: if you're unsettled -- if your spirit feels uncomfortable (if the inner "you" is restless) -- heed that feeling more than words and especially more than any words from whoever is trying to exert control over you!

Remember that there are certain people who are meant as trials in our lives and we escape their sting only by praying for them.

If that person makes you feel badly -- as if you are neglecting him or her, or somehow hurting him -- when in reality you are only keeping the proper distance -- the best thing to do is move forward and ignore what they may be saying or thinking and dismiss the evil they bring to a situation. It can be dark). You can feel the thoughts! Don't let them become your own. Don't let your own thoughts lapse into obsession.

Control wreaks obsession. It also causes oppression. Hear the hiss of the snake?

Dismiss it. Wipe it away. Pray it away. Don't get angry. When that occurs, you feed it energy. Think with your own mind, not theirs.

Just realize that many people are lonely in need of prayer as they seek to fill vacancies in their lives. Pray that they are filled. At the same time, don't cut off those who need you. God will be your guide (in prayer).

It is true that what goes around comes around and that we receive what we have given. It is especially true of love. The other shield is meekness. "If you are humble," said Mother Teresa, "nothing will touch you."

Repeat to yourself frequently, “I will be meek today.”

Has someone said something unfairly negative? Shake it off. Dust it from your shoes. The dispelling of negativity is the preparation for wonders. Learn this as a first step. While there are times when we are in need of correction (and, in humility, should accept it), that’s different than accepting negativity; it's different than "drinking of the poison."

Negativity is Satan's way of binding us to discouragement and at its first appearance we must take time to firmly reject such and root it out.

The more we do that (the more we learn to brush off evil vibes), the easier and cleaner we are.

"Going forward" has become a cliché), but that's what we must always do: pray from the heart to cleanse anything that needs to be cleansed and to repair anything or anyone we have damaged; and then, move on.

When others try to get closer than they belong, your spirit will tell you by way of "unrightness"; uneasiness; tension; there is upset; lack of joy; it becomes a circumstance where every word or action or gesture is analyzed (and reanalyzed -- and mostly misinterpreted). This is a signal that someone is trying to encroach where they should not encroach or expecting what they do not have the right to expect (usually in the name of love).

They do not know their place. We see this with certain ethnic traditions that equate control and closeness -- clinging -- with love (when clinging has less to do with love than many think, even if, to a degree, love may be involved).

Remember: the spirit of control is the spirit if witchcraft. Obsession is not affection. Others must respect your "space" (to use another cliché) and station in life. Ignore what's contrary to that (the priest was in effect saying); dismiss evil, instead of hovering over it. Don't worry what wrongful thinkers think of you. Don't immerse yourself in the cycle of their thoughts.

Ignore. Forget wrong accusation. Move on (and up). Just pray before you do anything. Always see things from their side. Cast away what is wrong (in the Name of Jesus).

When there is a constant cycle of negative thoughts winged your way you will find freedom once you dismiss the way others view you in the Name of Jesus and as long as you harbor no negative feelings, as long as there is no truth to any "indictment," and as long as you summon prayer with love.

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[Further note: “Dear children, today more than ever I desire to call you to prayer," is a recent message from Medjugorje. "Dear children, Satan wants to destroy today’s families, therefore I desire to call you to a renewal of family prayer. Pray, dear children, in your families with your children, do not permit access to Satan. Thank you, dear children, for also today responding to my call.” Respond to her call and be liberated -- in the right way.]

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