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Seek the "robe of Heaven." What's the robe of heaven? That means: the deepest, cleanest, purest you. It's where there is the imprint of destiny.

It's the one God created you to be, the "best version of yourself." Are you the best version of your self? Have you kept true to yourself? It's the you He will recognize.

We have been discussing this. Let's continue that discussion. Do you know the deepest part of yourself or have you allowed life to rip it or sully it or silt it over?

We really do "wear" in eternity what is deep within us! When your real self is obscured, it could mean purgatory (the laundromat for that "robe"). Listen to what a woman named Angie Fenimore who died and saw deepest purgatory alleged: "Drifting onto the plane, the newly deceased were dressed in white robes, but their robes were dingy," she wrote (in Beyond the Darkness). "Like silent sleepwalkers, these spellbound souls descended into the darkness, arms to their sides, their expressionless eyes locked in empty gazes. Everyone I saw was wearing dirty white robes. Some people's were heavily soiled, while others' just appeared dingy with a few stains."

Or listen to this from a revelation called The Secrets of Purgatory (more about this revelation in coming days):

"The souls in purgatory are enveloped, as it were, in a thick shroud into which they have wound themselves while living on this earth," says the incredible little booklet. "It is the garment of their own egoism. Their main care in this life was themselves, just as the world's highest ideal is self-glorification and honor. It is this which fashions that coarse garment through which the Light of God can hardly penetrate."

Who wants to enter eternity dressed like that?

In eternity, there are no secrets. We fool no one. We wear who we (really) are. We want that to be pristine. As Our Blessed Mother said at Kibeho in Rwanda, "A good heart surpasses all, there are no riches that are beyond a clean heart." At apparitions, her attire is depicted as indescribable whiteness. Clean means nothing whatsoever dark! In eternity, we are "inside out."

There was the you as a youngster: encountering your first temptations. How did you do? Are there still things you must purge? Do memories haunt or entice? Are there stains you should bleach away? Are there hurts you need to purge -- open wounds that festered? There was the you as a teenager -- more temptations, many more, still. And in that critical period of your twenties. What taints did you pick up then? Is there soot and grease? There is the "you" who became a spouse, a parent, a grandparent, the you who chose a certain career.

How many masks have you worn? What were your intentions? Did anything "crust" around you? Is there hardness (a shell)? Do you still harbor -- wear-- any bitterness (unforgiveness)?

When we are in a shell blessings bounce off of us. So does love. The real you is the you at your most comfortable, your most natural, your purest, your happiest; the real you gives and thrives on love. This is the choice you have. We have stated this previously. It bears repeating. It is the "best version of yourself"! Have you let other people "put things" on you? (If so, shake them off!)

The best you is not the complainer. It's not the one who sees the worst in others. It's not the lackadaisical you. It's not the one who lives by lust. Stains indeed! It's not the undisciplined stage. It's not a gossip. Let's focus on that for a moment.

"In over two decades of ministry, Iíve encountered scores of Christians who donít seem to think gossip is wrong -- who are obsessed as busybodies, gossips, and bad-mouthers, and have caused irreparable damage to the Body of Christ," wrote one evangelist.

"I could fill books with the stories of anguish and grief inflicted to hapless victims. 'The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a manís inmost parts' (Proverbs 26:22). Mean, vicious accusations and rumors have ripped out the heart and soul of many fellow Christians and leaders, draining them of their love, enthusiasm, and their desire to live for God. It has split churches, created strife, and promoted division and turmoil. 'Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down' (Proverbs 26:22).

"Gossip exists whenever persons 'talk about others' in less than a favorable way. The root of gossip is negativity, judgmentalism, slander, etcetera. Avoid associating with people who gossip. 'A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man who talks too much' (Proverbs 20:19). You probably remember the old saying: 'If you canít say something good about others, donít say anything at all.' Wise advice if you wish to avoid sin. Gossip often masquerades as 'concern' for others."

We also mentioned lack of discipline.

This too can cause our robe to be dingy, dark.

It is a lack of discipline that allows us to say or do what we should not, or fail to do what we should -- such as keep our surroundings tidy.

Too often inner turmoil is reflected by the hidden corners in our homes, where dirt collects. What is within us is without us. The dust builds and builds and builds until it obscures who we really are if we don't constantly wipe it away.

The more we pray, the more discipline we have -- and this is the key to upkeep, to the best version of you.

When there is a lack of prayer, dust gathers quickly.

Prayer is discipline and translates into the discipline we have over the flesh and even over our personal upkeep.

Spirits seem to gather around dirt and confusion and manifest in what is scattered -- or piled -- around us. Our surroundings reflect our passions and shortcomings and our obsessions. Those who have become obsessed with objects become -- at an extreme -- the hoarders we see on television.

Meanwhile a person obsessed with drugs or alcohol can become the homeless street person who has no energy or discipline for upkeep. (Is this why it says that "cleanliness is next to Godliness"?)

On the upside: our surroundings can reflect goodness and togetherness and joy. That's your best version of you for sure! It's wearing your blessings well.

Love transcends all sorrow.

The best version of us sees the best in others.

Gauge the real you by that standard.

The truth of love is happiness.

Your uniqueness is deep down where He has placed that imprint of destiny.

Be in touch with the imprint. When we obscure our real selves, the Lord may say He doesn't know us (Luke 13).

Start by doing. When we are doing nothing we are going nowhere. Inertia takes over. Do. Start a motion. Move. Build momentum. Make that first start. It's never too late. You are never too sullied -- not while you are still alive and able to read this!

Lust? That's a stain. Half-truths? Blotches on your robe. Constant complaining? Negativity? Discontent? A dark hue. Hatred? Blackness.

Be careful what you let into your eyes and ears. It will express itself outwardly. As another preacher says, "Have you ever heard the saying, 'You are what you eat?' The same principle is true in our spiritual lives. Our ears and eyes are the gates to our soul. What we watch, what we listen to, and who we associate with are constantly feeding and influencing our inner man, which in turn, influences our actions and destiny.

"David said in Psalm 101:3, 'I will set before me no vile thing.' Today more than ever, we have opportunities to feed our minds with the wrong thing. Everywhere we turn, there is information trying to influence us. But Ephesians 4:27 says, 'Do not give the enemy a foothold.' A door of opportunity is opened when we allow negative influences in our lives. What seems as harmless entertainment, a compromising TV show, or a negative song choice eventually influences your thought life. Thoughts lead to actions and actions determine your destiny. Spend time building yourself up, not wasting your time with activities that can tear you down. You are a temple of the Most High God -- called, appointed and anointed to do great things. Do your best to keep your temple pure and be selective with what you feed your spirit. As you do your part, God will take you places that you have never imagined. You will reach your full potential and become everything God has created you to be."

Psalm 119:37 says, "Keep me from paying attention to worthless things."

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Become unworldly. Our example is Immaculate Mary. Cleanse this Christmas season.

Purity (sought with prayer from the heart) is the best you and will lead to a brilliant white robe that will radiate the love of God like a texture of spun glass and spun cotton forever.

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