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When we die, we will go to the place that corresponds to the purity of our thoughts. That's a powerful notion -- one we should weigh every single day. Hellish life, hellish afterlife. Heavenly life, heavenly hereafter.

If there is darkness it will be to the extent of our separation from God's Love. If you meditate on nothing else this day, meditate on that.

What are we thinking?

Who are we thinking about?

Meditating on such, we may realize how many times we think of others without love -- negatively.

That's dangerous because it comes back to haunt us, it boomerangs. By thinking ill of others, we darken our spirits. And when we do so, the devil (as "prince of darkness") has a "legal right" to the dark territory.

We also bind ourselves to the focus of our annoyance.

The more annoyed we are, the more annoyed we become.

It's a vicious cycle that can hold us to carnality.

Obsession has the hiss of the snake. Don't let such slither toward you.

Notice what Jesus did from the Cross: He made certain to forgive everyone, especially those who most abused Him, and the result was resurrection. He blessed them. When we don't forgive -- and especially when we resent -- we are spiritually assaulting another. We are binding ourselves to them, negatively. We are sending to them the darkness we have allowed to build around us.

It's okay to correct. It is okay to admonish -- in a gentle fashion. Sometimes, even strongly (see Jesus in the temple). But resenting another person focuses the dark forces around us and aims it at the focus of our resentment. It attacks another. It is a subtle form of hatred.

Sometimes that focus is ourselves. Do you have times when you are suddenly ill at ease? Do you feel the "willies"? Does a good day turn bad suddenly and for no apparent reason?

That can be because resentment is being pointed in your direction.

Do you really want to do that to others?

When we die, we're accountable for our effect on everyone.

In a flash, we will see all those with whom we have been angry.

Anger is the energy of hatred, for which we are judged.

The feeling of the "willies" -- a discomfort with certain folks -- may hint at an evil presence -- and sometimes that presence is from resentment.

When this happens, we need to pray for insight and send out love and the blessing of God as our hedge.

It is our protection.

If we focus on the love within us, we can not be attacked.

Many are those who have darkness through the generations. All of us have spiritual baggage. When we resent someone, we're gathering this darkness and aiming it like taking an arrow from a quill with poison at the tip.

Resentment is toxic. It takes just a little. Often we grow resentful when we are jealous or when we feel inferior to another or when we simply blame others for our own failures -- for making us feel uncomfortable, when in fact we have given discomfort to ourselves.

It is a strong emotion of displeasure or antagonism that is excited by a real or imagined injury or insult to one's self or others, or by the intent to do such injury. That's what the dictionary tells us. It is a vexation.

It is also a hex.

Notice again the word "imagined": Often, we imagine slights. We imagine ill intent. We imagine more injury than has occurred. Or we think someone did something wrong intentionally when in fact he or she has spoken or acted out of ignorance or accident.

The devil can play on this -- causing us to resent even when there is no reason.

There are those who resent others for taking them out of a "zone of comfort." There are those who resent new in-laws because it changes the family construct. There are those who resent folks at work with whom they compete.

Any such resentment causes us to attack others, and this is halted through the "sign of blessing."

When anyone comes to mind -- whether in a negative or positive way -- pray on them the "sign of blessing." Make the Sign of the Cross. All day, every day. Discipline your thoughts and dispel the negative ones. Train yourself to automatically think well of others. Defend them, before you prosecute them.

Instead of thinking negatively of others, pray that they are blessed no matter how you feel.

As the saying goes, good morals, like classical art, begin with drawing a line.

Draw a line against wrong thinking and you will find happiness.

Every right thought about someone is a brick, a pillar, that builds your eternal destination.

Each time you are in prayer, and through the day, imagine the Sign of the Cross -- two lines -- on the forehead of every person who comes to mind and when you are in the eternal world you will glory in the construct of love that this has built. You will glory in the lavish surroundings! When we die, we take this heaven of love to the level in eternity which corresponds with that love.

The spiritual state we have developed on earth, we will see, is the spiritual state we step into.

Imagine the Sign of the Cross on every person. 

Or say, "I bless you with the blessing of the Blessed Mother. May the Holy Spirit be upon you."

Powerful -- especially this month of Mary!

It takes discipline, but as an old saying goes, discipline is the key to happiness.

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