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Mysterious 'Blasts' In India Bring To Mind A Prophecy That Saw Strange Rumblings

There were the storms. In the alleged 1990 prophecy we have frequently quoted, there was the prediction that "chastisements will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are." In the years immediately following came Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge quake, the historic Mississippi flooding, record tornadic years, the single greatest weather system to ever envelope the U.S. (affecting half of the population in one storm), and the extraordinarily potent "northeasters" (one of which was immortalized as the "perfect storm.") In Canada, there were floods and record ice storms; in Asia, "black rain" alerts." The list of "record" or unusual natural events around the world since 1990 is far too long to enumerate.

We can be certain of one thing: the prophecy was correct in stating that such events would not be noticed by the world (and the worldly) for what they are. We have taken it upon ourselves to report on "signs of the time," an aspect of mysticism that is now all but totally ignored by mainstream Catholicism.

One has to walk cautiously with alleged prophecy, but here is a fact: the prophecy said that in four years there would be a "great new evil" and that was followed by Dolly, the first cloned sheep, and a slew of other cloned animals -- the start of which was later discovered to have been precisely four years after the prophecy (as technological and legislative breakthroughs came in 1994).

The prophecy, supposedly from Jesus, warned that there was an "evil cloud" over New York City and not to "go" there for 12 years. Eleven years later came September 11 -- enshrouding Manhattan with a toxic cloud.

But there are aspects of the prophecy that have not yet materialized -- at least not in fullness. "In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky," it said, "and strange loud rumblings."

For years now, officials have reported strange rumblings, from Indiana (in the U.S.) to Maryland. But now there is a twist, and we wonder if it bears any significance. According to The Times of India, villagers in the Talala area of that tsunami-ravaged region have taken to sleeping outdoors because they keep hearing "mysterious blasts" and feeling frequent tremors. "Coming close on the heels of the tsunami terror-floods, the village folks are interpreting the incidents as ominously more horrific and have begin living outdoors, especially in Halipar village where the frequency of the blasts is high," said the newspaper.

Similar "blasts" were reported from Jamnagar district months before the tsunami.

If the prophecy bears merit, would such "blasts" qualify as the "strange loud rumblings"? Are they associated with the earthquake that spawned the tsunami? And if so, might it be a signal that the tsunami was a key event in the unfolding of the rest of the 1990 prediction?

A senior official said there have been widespread migrations because of the sounds and that the frequency increased to the point of 22 blasts during a single day. Meanwhile, a seismologist from the Pune Meteorological Department said there is no evidence of actual tremors, although he himself heard the inexplicable blasts.

Is it really a valid prophecy? How do we discern it? It remains anonymous, which we respect, and seems to carry a gravity and economy of language that makes it especially intriguing to discern, as Scripture says we should do. Meanwhile, the follow-up prophecy known now as the "2004 prophecy" said that major events would unfold after "a huge light is seen." Quoting the Lord, it said that when the light is seen, "I will act in a way I have not acted before."

We report, you discern: while there was a report of an unusual glow in the Arctic just before the tsunami, and there are currently extraordinary auroras, as there were around September 11, the tone suggests that the rumblings and "glow" might be on a larger scale and yet in the future.

[resources: the alleged 1990 prophecy is discussed in Sent To Earth]

[The alleged 2004 prophecy, given December 22: "There is going to be a major disruption in a region of the world that will affect everyone. The world is now seriously out of conformance with the Will of God and what He created and intended. There are those who would reconfigure the very creatures He has formed, and who meddle with the texture of life. For this reason, the Lord will allow a huge reorientation. If not for the action of Heaven, what God has created on earth will soon be damaged beyond recovery. A very dramatic effect already is in progress as regards the support structures of what man calls nature. Such cannot be allowed to take the final realization of total realignment when it comes to the very way elements and life forces interact. The event to come will surprise everyone who has offered a prognostication, and will show even recalcitrant scientists, though not all, that there is a fundamental alarm in Heaven over their arrogant and wayward course. Nothing that is artificial in a way that disrupts what God intended will be allowed to stand.

"Heed this too: the politics of denial will be struck as with a plague.

"The smallest of what lives is precious in My sight.

"The angels have their instruction from east to west, and now a timetable has been set in motion.

"When the huge light is seen, I will act in a way I have not acted before."]

[For those interested in prophecy, this is an interesting time indeed, made all the more so with unusual indications coming from places such as Medjugorje (which, despite reports to the contrary, has never been condemned by the Church). Most recently, this video showed an extraordinary apparition in which the Blessed Mother called out for the faithful to "wipe the tears from my face." She was speaking about unbelievers. For the first time in a long time, the seer immediately announced the sorrowful tenor, and a camera paned to what seemed like a weeping statue of the Madonna during the December 2, 2004, apparition to see Mirjana Soldo -- just weeks before the sorrowful tsunami. At her next monthly apparition on January 2 there was no public message.]


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