Life Missions, Family Healings, by Michael H. Brown, a booklet compilation, overview and close look at the growing claims that family lines can be plagued by problems caused by spirits that come down through the generations -- leading to illness, distress of many sorts, and inexplicable family tendencies! Yet something that a number of priests -- citing Scripture -- claim can be cast away through recognition of the problems, partaking of the sacraments, and diligent prayer. Included is an extremely powerful prayer of deliverance, a family healing prayer, and the blessing for use of sacramental salt! May your family be blessed by it! (below for paper version; here for Kindle  or Nook) CLICK HERE



When we don't reach a certain level, God always gives another chance -- and another, and another.

However, don't expect Him to lighten up!

He is a God of consistency -- in fact, the next test may be a bit more difficult!

Say you are having trouble (don't we all) with loving every single person. You're bothered. You even pray the person away!

Look at it this way: annoying people are sent to make us holy.

Each time we fail, we are sure to run into that same person or a very similar person again.

Can we love -- can we shove aside irritation -- the next time? Can we "reboot" to look for the good in others?

Our imperfections carry over into the afterlife unless they are conquered here on earth.

What is in our hearts is not hidden to God. (Have you noted how many people seem to be nice -- and at the same time how nasty all the anonymous comments are on blogs or at the end of internet news stories, or on talk radio? To God, there is no "anonymous.")

Again and again, the Lord calls us to iron out the kinks in our lives.

He expects them. We all have them. Anger. Worry. Lust. Life is a learning experience. We learn by our mistakes. God knows this.

What He doesn't expect -- or at least doesn't want -- is for us to keep repeating past errors, or even committing greater ones.

Often that occurs through pride.

We fail to see where we lack humility. Until "self" and pride are cast out, there's less room for charity.

God will constantly grant us chances to change and overcome other temptations. Standing nearby, the devil knows the failings of our pasts. He knows our weaknesses. And he will keep sending "opportunities" to "backslide."

Mistakes are understandable. God knows we will make them. He expects them to occur. But He also expects us to learn from them.

When you fail (and fall), don't despair; reflect on how and why you failed; then in prayer design a plan to overcome the temptation the next time it comes and not be ambushed by it when it does.

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