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Take the word "good" and you can see a number of words hidden in it. You can see "do," if you reverse the last two letters. You can see "go." You can see "God."

We see what we will. Did you ever notice that? Nature has many glories around us (we encounter them especially during summer), and sometimes we just pass them by and at other times they cause "peak moments."

It is grace that allows us to see Him around us.

There are folks who pass by the beach every day and hardly take the time to look at it.

There are those who pass the Rockies.

There are those who care not to give a second glance to Niagara Falls.

They are driving too hurriedly across a bridge.

It takes stopping for a moment and letting the spirit take hold, instead of worldliness.

This is grace: when we are close enough to God to appreciate -- to see -- His wonders.

Let the rest of summer be an exercise in this, with prayer, which takes you everywhere.

God unfolds to us when we offer to unfold ourselves. We see it in a sunset. We see it into the surf of the ocean. We see it in the display of a mountain washed in the colors of sunrise. We see it as Big Sur hits the Pacific.

There are those "moments" when we get our minds off "business" and are open to what He may display before us, and this brings the true joys in life.

Taking one's mind off business usually means taking one's mind off oneself.

It is taking our minds off the frivolities of life.

What is frivolous in yours?

It is seeing what is really important instead of what we have fabricated as important.

What have you fabricated?

It is noticing the displays of His power in all that He created.

The peak moment may be waiting for you in your backyard.

Before He acts, God often wants us to take a step beyond where we would normally go. When we step out in faith, He often pours grace -- and vistas -- upon us.

Go. Do. Especially, head for nature (which Thomas Aquinas called the first Bible). If you are frozen in place, or passing too fast, there is not the chance to let the glories of life expand before you.

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