And so here we are in September, a month that brings back so many (nearly apocalyptic) memories and a month that has been the focus, rightly or wrongly (we'll know soon), of preoccupation in segments of the prophetic community. Most importantly, it is the month of the Great Archangels.

Novenas to one in particular, Saint Michael, whose feast day is September 29, are important this month -- never more so, in our lifetimes, perhaps, than now.

September is chock full of the mystical as we head for yet equally intense spiritual months to come (culminating with Christmas). We'll have a "special report" on supposed prophecies in a few days.

Interesting it is how the famous alleged stigmatic-seer Marie-Julie Jahenny (submitted solely for discernment) related many important occurrences and visions during September, especially on the 19th -- feast day of Our Lady of LaSalette -- and in fact on the Archangels' day of the 29th.

One September 29, in 1881, for instance -- after weeks of brutal attacks from the devil (rosaries broken, pictures falling, mattress torn, Crucifix thrown, Marie-Julie herself covered with scratches and bruises) -- the mystic received a revelation stating that the assault was finally coming to a close and that for the time being the devil had been defeated. Objects he had stolen from the mystic, she was told, were being returned.  Marie-Julie, who was born in 1850, in Coyault, France, and died in 1941, received apparitions, visions, and a true panoply of amazing phenomena, some we haven't seen before (such as a light that allegedly shone from her stigmatic wounds)..

This was a mystic who, we read (in a booklet that has come across our desks), was pressured in many ways, including rejection by a bishop who banned her from partaking of the sacraments for more than eleven years (until intervention by the Holy See; a previous bishop vouched for her). What do we make of her? We'll carry the pamphlet on her messages and let you discern. They are certainly interesting.

The point here is September: besides that link to Saint Michael, Jahenny had a connection to LaSalette -- where in 1846 the Blessed Mother had given strong messages about the future, as well as about the devil and great coming scandal in the Church, to a peasant girl named Melanie Calvat.

Marie-Julie's prophecies bore certain similarities to those of LaSalette, and on September 15, 1881, she foresaw the precise way that Melanie [left] -- who herself experienced ecclesiastic resistance  -- would die. This came to pass. Her messengers, the Virgin allegedly told Marie-Julie, were "despised and persecuted."

On September 19, 1901 -- precisely on the feast day of LaSalette -- Marie-Julie claimed that Mary complained about the reception of her previous messages and apparitions. "My children," she allegedly told Marie-Julie, "when I remember the day I brought my warning to the holy mountain (of LaSalette), to the threatened world; when I remember the harsh reception of my words!... not by all, but by many. And those who should have made them known to the souls, hearts, and spirits of children with great confidence, deep penetration: they too made no notice! They despised them and most of them refused their confidence..."

On September 19 of 1896, again on the LaSalette feast day, the Blessed Mother complained further -- claimed Jahenny -- that "the priest is no longer humble; he is no longer respectful." She warned that the world was in danger from a "storm" and a "peril of blood" -- which came indeed in the world wars, persecutions, and holocausts that followed. Or is some of it still in the future?

As in Melanie's alleged secret, which went through various Church acceptances and rejections, Jahenny had messages pertaining to ecclesiastic corruption, an eruption of scandal, turmoil around the world, and a coming "anti-christ." She is most famous for the controversial and especially apocalytpic prophecy of a period of "three days of darkness" supposedly coming in the future. (More on that soon.)

Is it time to survey not only her fascinating messages but also revisit the messages of LaSalette?

Claimed Jahenny, "St. Michael says that Satan will have possession of everything for some time and that he will reign completely over everything; that all goodness, faith, religion will be buried in the tomb."

On September 29, 1887, "the Cross of Saint Michael lights up like a torch," she reported. "The Holy Archangel descends, his face shining and places a barrier between the good and the wicked."

It's not clear, again, if that was related to the world wars that soon came and the persecution of Catholics by Communist and others (Marie-Julie died before the conclusion of World War Two) -- or to the future.

Oh come, great Archangel -- with that barrier, with your shield, with a torch -- in our own times.

[resources: booklet on Marie-Julie Jahenny and Michael H. Brown retreat, living in prophetic times, Cincinnati, Feast of LaSalette, Sept. 19