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Holy Night: One Of The Greatest Lessons Of Christ's Mass Is The Power Of Silence

By Michael H. Brown

When we hear "Silent Night" we think of the power of Christ and we could also think of the power of silence. Contemplate it: the many times in your life when an argument has erupted or tensions arose because you chose to respond with words instead of silence. When real power is present, when the Holy Spirit is there, we have no need of verbiage. Christ came in silence and He is the most powerful Person in history. There is power in silence because there is humility when we let an argument or insult go unanswered. There are times we must respond -- we must correct -- but more often than not we win for the losing. That is, when someone gets our goat, when someone tries to provoke us, keeping our mouths closed puts us on top.

Usually it takes time, but the lesson of Christ -- the newborn in a manger -- is that God elevates the humble. This is especially important during the holiday season, when we get together with relatives. Some of the greatest opportunities for confrontation arise -- and so there is never a better time to practice silence. It may sting at first -- we may have to endure a few hours or even days of feeling angry -- but when we are silent in the face of a confrontation, the sting will last a far shorter time than if we had engaged in an argument.

That's because silence equals humility. Try it. You'll note the wondrous way God rectifies a situation (brings justice) when we let Him solve an argument, when we let Him answer a critic, when we let Him move in with His power. When someone has wronged us and we don't respond, when we turn the other cheek, God takes the matter into His own Hands. And that means that He brings about results in a way we could never have engineered. He can figure out a response to anything. Not speaking is a form of fast and fasting brings power. "My soul, wait in silence for God only," says Psalm 62. "Wait for the Lord," add Psalms 27 and 37. "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him."

It's at times like Christmas that the enemy tries to get us at each other's throats -- tries to create dissension. Don't let him do it this Christmas. Don't let him spoil a holy day. Meditate, pray more than usual, and invoke the Spirit in silence. Forget the slights. Forget the unfairness. Just keep silent. The power and joy that result will astonish you (and vex your enemies).

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