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Have you ever contemplated the many times in your life major things (good and bad) have come suddenly?

This is a key word, even in Scripture: suddenly.

Throughout all of history have been gigantic events that came without warning.

Many, of course, were foreseen.

But many others were not. The most powerful storms (see: tornadoes), the most powerful military events (see: Pearl Harbor), the most potent acts of terror have come without warning.

But also the most powerful good. Let's focus on that!

As charismatic Maria Vadia of Florida points out (in her excellent Pressing On in the Spirit), there was the Transfiguration: "suddenly" Moses and Elijah were seen conversing with Jesus (Matthew 17:). The Holy Spirit arrived on Pentecost "suddenly" (Acts 2:2). "Suddenly" a light blinded Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:3-4). When he and Silas were imprisoned, a severe earthquake came "suddenly" (Acts 16:25-26). There was Sirach. "For it is easy with the Lord suddenly, in an instant, to make a poor man rich" (11:21-22).

And vice versa.

You get the point.

How about in your personal history?

How many good and "bad" things have come out of the blue -- have arrived to change the course of your life when you least expected them?

Think of them.

There are quotes around "bad" because if it came from God, it is always for the long-term good if we handle it as an opportunity.

No bad comes from the Lord.

And He can do anything in a New York nanosecond (actually, much sooner).

In fact to God there is no past, present, or future; He can even go back in time and fix things in our personal histories; our tomorrows are His yesterdays.

You may have met your husband or wife "suddenly." You received a job acceptance "suddenly." You went to get the mail and received an unexpected check. You may have recovered from an illness "suddenly." You -- like Saul -- may have had a sudden conversion. When Heaven moves, it seems to come on us all at once -- so often! And, often, so joyfully. It splits the clouds. It breaks up blockage. No doubt, the shepherds in that field near Bethlehem were caught off guard by the suddenness of angels!

The most powerful circumstances in your life often -- perhaps even mostly -- are this way. Meditate on it.

God is a God of surprise and so we should never wait around for the water to boil. For when it finally does, it always seems to do so suddenly, when we finally look away.

If you're staring at a pot of water, remember this.

Look away from delay.

And remember that God and His angels are watching you constantly; they never let up, no matter how alone it may seem; go with His flow; His timetable; He'll never abandon you; there are no "big deals" on earth (but salvation).

Pray for sudden good news and to avoid sudden bad events. Goodness will come in ways you least expect -- as God so often operates!

"After I got the revelation of God's sudden moves, I started to pray for 'suddenlies,'" writes Maria. "In the year of the Jubilee, my son Victor 'suddenly' said yes to my invitation for a retreat. So many times he had told me he couldn't make it. My friend's lump on her hand 'suddenly' disappeared as the power of the Holy Spirit was released on her. Recently, in Nicaragua, we prayed with a family for the Lord to 'suddenly' move and have their relative released from prison. A week and a half later I received an e-mail that this man had been 'suddenly' released from prison."

If you're waiting on God, says Vadia, and you're in the midst of a "delay," He will move "suddenly" -- but at the right time (which often isn't your version of it!).

Wait on God. Speak to His angels. Also, remember there is "Our Lady of Surprise."

Did you know that?

We had an article years ago about it [see here].

Pray to the Blessed Mother -- who knows all about surprise.

[resources: Maria Vadia's Pressing On in the Spirit and Healing is for You!; also Mary Take Over; Michael Brown pilgrimage, Medjugorje; and Special Michael Brown seminar, Florida, January 27]

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