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Are you overly sensitive, or "super"-sensitive? There's a difference.

As a Carmelite missionary priest was pointing out the other day, when we are over-sensitive, or hyper-sensitive, "touchy" (easily offended), we're tuned into the wrong wavelength.

We cling.

We take offense.

We bruise easily, because we have "thin skin."

We receive things in a way that's negative -- not in the flow of God.

It's when we partake of the Light of the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, that we view matters in the right way, that we sensitize to Him and His Creation. That's the right kind of sensitivity.

When we're super-sensitive we are in tune with God. We are in tune when we feel the Lord in every aspect of His Creation. He is connected, as the priest preached, to everything. "Maybe we even feel when an insect smashes against a windshield," he preached (to say nothing of things like abortion).

We all need to take stock.

We all need to check our "inventory."

What things do you feel? How do you feel? What things do you tend to dread? What do you fear? What do you over-react to? Worry tends to evil (Psalm 37:8). Who do you over-react to? Is it because of a dark spirit around them (understandable) or because you are looking for someone to offend you (not understandable)? What is at the root of your hurt, your anger, your irritation, your resentment?

As with the body, when there is too much sensitivity -- the wrong kind -- it's from an injury or something that's off balance in our chemistry. Often it's based in pride. We can't take a joke. We're insecure. We don't "forget and forgive" very readily.

On the other hand, when we're super-sensitive, not only are we in tune with the flow of God but -- listen to this -- we can approach a situation with someone who usually causes us aggravation and not let it affect us.

When we're in tune -- sensitive -- to God, His "bubble," a shield, surrounds us. We eliminate portals of entry.

When we cast out negative reactions with the attitude of enduring instead of taking hurt (loving anyhow), we rise above the circumstance.

From that height, we can see at a much greater distance.

What used to hurt rolls like proverbial water off the back of a duck.

We begin to see farther -- forever. We see new things. We begin to see all around us.

Often all it takes is adding a little bit of extra love each day to endure, to "go higher," to be a silent worker for God.

Do something today that is just a little bit more loving than usual.

Go beyond monitoring for insult.

When we're over-sensitive, we're tense and too often reliant on people instead of the Holy Spirit; we see things through the eyes of others, not through the Holy Spirit! To be overly sensitive is worldly; to be super-sensitive is supernatural. A daily question: Are we growing older or "maturing spiritually"? We are  accountable to the end. The Christ Child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom (not just adding up the years). Spiritually, we never retire!

Said the Carmelite:

"The wisest thing to do, the one thing needful, the first priority for our lives, is to be with God. This is the Pearl of Great Price. This is the whole point of our inner seeking. This is the meaning of our quest for true wisdom. This is the Source of the power we need to become more than we are. This is the source of nourishment we need to grow and to mature as complete and whole human persons. And in God's Wisdom, to be with Him is to know Him as He has revealed Himself in and through Jesus Christ."

Who, as we all know, endured onto and then rose far beyond the Cross.

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