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From The Mail: Dreams Seemed To Confirm Manifestation Of Towering Light

I look with fascination at what you call the 1990 prophecy. I also find intriguing the fact that you've opted to title your book the "Tower of Light." I have had spiritual experiences, as well as some dreams, which may be connected to these very things, however, I will relay just a few experiences at this time. Please understand that the following things happened prior to my knowledge of the 1990 prophecy and I haven't read your book yet (although, needless to say, I look forward to it). 

For your discernment: 

The first was a dream. I was in front of Our Lady. She was looking at me and I at her and we were basically face to face. I noticed that I had never seen her facial features depicted  this way in any portraits. They seemed unique. I will never forget her gaze. I love her so!

Anyway, she was in the middle of a most beautiful Pillar of Light (I say Pillar but one could also describe it as a Tower of Light -- same difference). I was in awe of this Pillar of Light, for it seemed to inspire such a reaction, and in fact seemed to be alive (please read the word "alive" literally here).

Our Lady gave me a message for a fellow third-order member friend of mine who happens to be a priest and I pleaded on his behalf. She granted my wish and I relayed the message to him. I remember that dream as if it were yesterday. 

One day, I can't remember if it was before or after the aforementioned dream, I heard a voice tell me that I would be going to Medjugorje. I argued with the voice saying that there was no way I could go there since I had no money. After realizing that I may be in fact be arguing over possibly not accepting God's Will (a  definite no-no), I prayed to the Lord and said, "Lord, if it be Your Will I go to Medjugorje, then so be it, but your going to have to get me there because You know I can't afford it." I never told anyone about this.

Approx. nine months later my mother called me up out of the blue and said, "R____, I want to pay your way to Medjugorje." I said "WHAT?! You've got to be kidding?! WHY?" She said she was sitting in a dentist office and she heard a voice say "Go to Medjugorje."  She wanted me to come along for safety and to carry her luggage. It should be noted that I not only ended up in Medjugorje but I ended up staying at Jacov's house (one of the seers) and attended the daily apparitions in his personal chapel while I was there. 

I had heard that there was a painting of Our Lady done by Jacov hanging in one of the public buildings in Medjugorje. The picture depicts how he sees Our Lady during the apparitions. That was the first place I went to. I entered the building and there was Our Lady exactly as I had seen her in my dream. I should clarify that the picture exactly depicted her unique facial features as described earlier. She was not, in this picture, however, standing in the middle of the Pillar of Light as she was in my dream.

I have had other dreams about our future. I have been shown possible future chastisements and I've been showed the "....peasant lifestyle...." as described in the 1990 prophecy. It just so happens that one of the charisms of the Third Order I belong to teaches classes on Simple Living, which is basically another word for living the "peasant lifestyle." I hope people don't put a negative connotation on the term "peasant lifestyle." I like to think of it as a way of being closer to God. 

God bless you and all of yours at Spirit Daily. Keep up the good work!



p.s. I am a Law Enforcement officer and I ask to remain anonymous. My superior officers probably wouldn't take too lightly to the idea that one of their officers are "hearing voices" and such. I'm sure you understand and I appreciate your confidentiality.


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