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Is it time to simplify?

We believe that's the "message" from Wall Street.

The Lord wants us to stop being so consumed with the complexities of money (especially false paper wealth), and get back to the basics.

We have seen with the recent crisis how the "economy" is a house of cards -- a mirage that the government must now prop up.

That mirage -- the modern way of economics -- has had devastating effects on family values, the food we eat (it is now all processed, and full of salt), and degraded our environment. Unfortunately too many think that success resides within serving the self instead of others. Sell. Sell. Sell. No one has time unless they can make money from you.

While the smaller farmers go bankrupt, commodity brokers (selling the farm products) make millions by the time they are in their late twenties.

This is out of accord with the plan of God and so is the artificial construct around us. Simplify. Head back toward self-sufficiency. Slowly but surely, orient yourself to a more natural way of life. If you can, grow some of your own food, and do it without harmful chemicals. A modern plague: cancer. And obesity? With all the salt and sugar and hydrogenated oil in food, it is nearly impossible not to become overweight.

We recently mentioned a book called Foods Jesus Ate and How to Grow Them, and it is most intriguing. As it turns out, most of us can grow many of the foods found in the Holy Land, and they are healthy for us.

Whole-wheat bread. Is it time to learn how to make our own? Grapes. You can grow these, if you have a yard. Barley, if it is a large area you own. Parsley. Basil. Lettuce. Horseradish. Peppers. Endive. Lentils. Apples. Apricots. Melons. Cucumbers. Fava beans. Chickpeas. Garlic. Onions. Leeks. Those are all foods that surrounded the Holy Family. Go the simple way of St. Thérèse. Note that when Mary has appeared in apparition, it has been amid peasants.

Fig trees? What a feeling it is to sit under a fig tree (which represents the protection of God). They can be grown (with proper winter protection) even in Upstate New York. Apricots? The book explains how to grow them and also gives many simple but powerfully historic recipes that bring us back in touch with Creation (with no synthetic middleman).

We can add favorites like tomatoes, and you can grow chicory or peppers even between shrubs. In some places, we waste water (and chemicals) on grass where we could have a little patch for food. Herbs can be grown in a pot, ceramic tub, or window box.

Even if you don't own a large hunk of land, crops can be raised so that they blend into and enhance your landscaping. There is a move afoot at gardening in such a way as to make berry bushes look attractive in a circular pattern. You can grow herbs all around your home. In some cities, urban gardening is taking hold.

A little land yields more food than you think and it should be grown with natural components -- what God designed, not some chemical company. Many allergies are due to synthetics.

And then there is Wall Street:

If our economy and infrastructure broke down -- such that foodstuffs could not be transported, at least for a while -- it would be good to have a fallback position. Look what happens in the wake of even minor hurricanes.

Why not grow our own? Why not start to wean ourselves from mass production? The Vatican -- which this week installed solar panels -- has urged a return to small farming.

It is where (slowly but surely) things are headed. "Many inventions of mankind will be broken down and there will be more of a peasant attitude and way of life everywhere," said a prophecy we have followed. "You think of the changes in very simple ways, without realizing the fundamental mistakes of mankind. The very artifice of your societies is false and against the accordance of God's Will. This artifice shall not last. Your very conceptions of happiness and comforts are a great evil and falsity. They will not stand."

We can visualize Jesus gardening. We can not visualize Him shouting at the New York Stock Exchange.

At the least, let's bring back small farms.

Note the course of society since small farms (and corner stores, and town markets) were dismantled.

These days, many foods you eat are even genetically-modified (with no label telling you that).

It doesn't mean going back to the "stone age." It does mean being more in tune with Creation. The devil is in the details and there are more details with complexity. So convoluted is the current economic system that experts did not even see the crisis coming.

Simplify. Find happiness in what comes directly from God. Also, simplify your finances. Don't try to "play" the market. Do what you can, if you can. Every little bit helps.

Somewhere down the road -- especially in terms of health -- you may be glad you did.

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[From the mailbag for your discernment: "Just finished Tower of Light and was deeply affected by it. I have read a number of your books, which all have the effect of looking at world events and the current times in a larger, spiritual perspective. But as our world situation escalates, so does the sense of urgency in the mystics and visionaries presented in your book. The 1990 prophecy is devastating but sounds right to me. The attack on God's creation cries out for vengeance.
Starting at around the age of twelve, I started getting into organic farming and I was raising chickens and growing vegetables. I read books about homesteading and came to believe that everyone would be better off (as well as the planet) if every family raised their own food on their own patches of land. That we had lost something on the hyper-complex way we live today. Then later I read Wendell Berry's The Unsettling of America, which in many ways reminds me of Tower of Light
We're planning to move to the country and to organically raise our own food as much as practically possible. The urban areas of the country are seeming to us increasingly demonized and spiritually dangerous.
God Bless,


Please bear with me and read this email, for I think there is some message from God to my family at least!

 At our home, I have been experiencing some strange breakdowns! These things have all malfunctioned just in the last four months:

Our dishwasher broke and is not able to be repaired. We were told to buy a new one. It was only approaching five years old.

Our refrigerator has a water spigot that keeps dripping inexplicably and ruined the floor underneath it. Five years old…

Our washer is broken and the brother-in-law who looked at it said that it is all rusted inside and that is why it has lost a balance spring and won’t spin without banging the sides…

My computer screen went out the other day. It is only two years old… Since we homeschool, we have to have it to send stuff into Seton. I begged God for it. I got it working again by unplugging it from the surge protector and plugged it in to the wall. Everything else in the surge protector was working.

My van, five years old, needs new brakes and a windshield.

My husband’s 1994 truck went dead the other day in a parking lot. He had the kids and a trailer with two horses in back he needed to get home. He noticed that the time on the clock blinked and changed the time from 8 something to 1:00. Then everything went blank. Nothing turned on or reacted when he turned the key. Then, he got out and as he was walking around the front tire to open the hood-everything inexplicably turned back on. He heard his door buzzing and the radio back on.

Finally, yesterday, the microwave that I have always been suspicious of for deleting nutrition from the food sparked up and went haywire. We threw it away and don’t intend on replacing it because I rarely used it…

I had gotten the idea that technology will indeed experience a malfunction on a large scale after the first few things happened. Now I am convinced that the message for my family is: Get used to the old ways.

Additionally, my Dad died on June 3. He was ill with cancer and I helped Mom take care of him here at my house, where they lived with us. Dad believed something was afoot with our world…he had esophageal cancer and I wonder if he didn’t get it from all the microwaved food mom gave him after he miraculously survived a brain-stem hemorrhage in 2005, with little deficits. Maybe he interceded with us in some way to get rid of our microwave upstairs.

At any rate, do other readers have things breaking down? Do you think it is interesting that my appliances were only five years old? That five plus 2007=2012? Hummmm.

I know what God is telling us. I only pray that my husband will catch on and allow us to plant the things we may need and get the tools that will help us if something should happen to society’s false god-technology.

 In Christ,

Maureen Braun, Missouri 


The bees this year despite lack of rain seem to be doing ok. As I mentioned before I put Miraculous Medals and in one instance there is blessed salt around them.
Yes, the birds are very few. Having a keen interest in birds and the number of species that arrive each year we are very aware of the decline in their numbers.  I spoke with someone in the Audubon society and they said the May count was down as well, especially water fowl. But bluebirds, orioles, tanagers, and catbirds to name a few are oddly just gone from our woods. We live in a wooded area and the balance of it is very specific. When we had the hot spell earlier in the spring many of the reptiles came out of hibernation and when the cold snap hit there were many deaths both among the birds as well as reptiles. This also destroyed the food the bees needed to get a good start. The brown bat that lives on our front porch does not seem to be going without food as there are copious droppings under him!  But given the situation I do not mind.
Anyway, I am very concerned.  Something is very wrong.  I love all of the beautiful creation that God has given us and appreciate all of it. 
In Christ Jesus!
Jacquie Nevinger 


Look at this 'swirl' of storms over the Washington DC area today... and meanwhile, our politicians in DC are in the midst of trying to resolve this financial storm.. Let's remember to pray for them. The first reading at morning mass today was from Ecclesiastes Ch 1 Verse 2-11

"Vanity of vanities, all things are vanity."


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